2017 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan Reviews Spec Release Date

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2017 Chevrolet Cruze Premier

According to Chevrolet, Cruze sedan can accelerate from zero to six less than eight seconds, adequate. But there was hesitation in acceleration when you floor it, from an automatic transmission or maybe just 153-horsepower engine. The road uphill on-ramps can be a problem.

After losing 250 pounds in the redesign that two years ago, the Cruze is now responsive, nimble, and fun to drive. The chassis that was planted. Rack-mounted electric power steering is not too bright at low speeds, and well weighted at high speed. This is not a sports sedan, but the Cruze better grip and more confident than some rivals Japan and Korea.

Comfortable travel is one of the best in the compact car, even with the 18-inch wheels. Rear suspension torsion beam is standard, but the Premier got Watt increase link setup for crisper cornering. Cruze is also equipped with four wheel disc brakes, using a long-wearing Duralife rotors. We have tested a number of different iterations of the Cruze, and we like is the most expensive: Premier Hatchback with a package of RS. In addition to handling at its best, it’s smooth and compliant with no noisy or rude.

Chevy Cruze is also worth considering in the compact class, especially the new hatch. The machine could use a little more oomph, and hopefully the error on initial acceleration will go. RS Cruze the sporty way expensive Premier, while Bimbo Cruze L with manual gearbox and cloth upholstery is still solid and complete enough to work as a daily driver.
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