2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata Reviews Specs Prices and Release Date

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2017 mazda mx-5 miata grand touring

2017 all-new Mazda MX-5 Miata represents a return to its roots. Though completely redesigned and reengineered, fourth-generation Miata is more like the first generation 1990 roadster from one generation of interventions.
2017 Miata comply with the same basic concept as the original: lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, two-seat roadster. And then the same as the previous mission, that of the United Kingdom’s classic sports car.
It’s fun to drive, easy to throw around, fun is it charging up a mountain road or sailing along the sea. Very simple, straightforward and traditional. You can drop the top manually operated temporary belted in the driver’s seat, even while at speed. And if there is a thunderstorm, you can pull it out and hook easily, without getting out of your seat.
The style of this all-new MX-5 contemporary and slightly more aggressive than the previous generation. It’s about the same size as before, a bit shorter in overall length 154 inches and slightly wider at 68 inches. Wheelbase has been stretched 91.1 inches.

2017 Mazda MX-5 comes in sports ($24.915), Club ($28.600) and Grand Touring model ($30.065). 6-speed manual gearbox, standard 6-speed automatic is optional. The Club has a sports suspension with Bilstein shocks and high performance tires and upgraded cloth upholstery. Grand Touring upgrade with leather upholstery, climate control, navigation, and blind spot and lane-departure warning systems.

Compared to its predecessor, the new MX-5 has a beltline more curvaceous. Hoodline falls down in front, and a large hole in the front of the car that sucks in the air like a blue whale that inhaling plankton. In many countries, this opening will obscure the plate appears as one of the teeth in the upper part of the maw.
It was a neat little car. After driving you out and almost feel like you should be able to slip into your pocket, such as a cellphone, before walking away.
The top is very easy to operate. Dropping the top can be done with one hand even while it lasted. The same can be said about raising the top. While the belted in, the driver can reach back, release the latch and pull the upper part to the top of the windshield. Mazda cleverly engineered mechanical assistance to help driver pull the top up right at that moment where help is needed. Pull closed. One hooks to secure it. The whole operation takes less time than it takes to read about it.

Cabin Miata Sparta. The look is a classic roadster base. The pedals and the steering wheel is positioned right in front of the driver, the scarcity of sitting precision.
A prominent center console separating the driver and fellow drivers. A large analog gauges and instrument panel horizontal interior keep from feeling limit. Ventilation and climate control using the classic round look. Mazda’s latest infotainment system display perched on a low-set dashboard.