Do I Have Audi Care? Check Your Status and Enjoy the Benefits

Do i have audi care – Do you have Audi Care? If not, you’re missing out on a suite of exclusive benefits designed to keep your Audi running smoothly. This comprehensive coverage plan offers peace of mind, cost savings, and convenience, ensuring your vehicle receives the expert care it deserves.

Read on to learn how to check your Audi Care status and unlock a world of advantages.

Audi Care provides a range of services, including scheduled maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. By enrolling in Audi Care, you’ll save money on these essential services, enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good hands, and enhance its performance and longevity.

Understanding Audi Care: Do I Have Audi Care

Do i have audi care

Audi Care is a comprehensive maintenance plan that provides peace of mind and convenience to Audi owners. It covers a wide range of services, including scheduled maintenance, inspections, and repairs, to help keep your Audi in optimal condition.

If you’re wondering “Do I have Audi Care?”, it’s worth checking to see if it covers wiper blades. Does Audi Care cover wiper blades ? The answer is generally no, but it depends on the specific Audi Care plan you have.

Some plans may include coverage for wiper blades, while others may not. To find out for sure, check your Audi Care contract or contact your Audi dealer.

Benefits of Audi Care

  • Convenience: Audi Care eliminates the hassle of scheduling and paying for individual maintenance services.
  • Cost savings: Audi Care offers a significant discount on the total cost of covered services compared to paying for them individually.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your Audi is receiving the proper maintenance and repairs helps ensure its longevity and performance.

Services Covered by Audi Care

Audi Care covers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Scheduled maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, etc.)
  • Inspections (multi-point inspections, emissions inspections, etc.)
  • Repairs (brake pad replacement, battery replacement, etc.)

Eligibility Criteria for Audi Care

Audi Care is available for new and certified pre-owned Audi vehicles. To be eligible, the vehicle must be within the first 4 years or 50,000 miles of ownership.

To determine if you have Audi Care, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact your Audi dealership. Regarding the maintenance of your Audi, it’s worth considering whether do audi cars need premium gas . Using the recommended fuel can help ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Audi.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with your Audi Care maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Benefits of Audi Care

Audi Care is a comprehensive maintenance plan that offers a range of benefits to Audi owners. These benefits include cost savings, enhanced vehicle performance, and increased convenience.

Wondering if your Audi is covered under Audi Care? Check your vehicle’s details to find out. Speaking of Audi, do you know when the Audi Q3 got Apple CarPlay? Find out when did audi q3 get apple carplay . Knowing when your Audi Q3 got Apple CarPlay can help you decide whether it’s time to upgrade your Audi Care plan.

Cost Savings

Audi Care can help you save money on maintenance costs in several ways. First, it includes all of the scheduled maintenance services that your Audi will need during the coverage period, so you won’t have to pay for these services out of pocket.

If you’re wondering “Do I have Audi Care?”, you can check your Audi Connect account to see if you have an active subscription. Audi Connect is a suite of connected car services that includes features like remote start, vehicle tracking, and roadside assistance.

To find out if you can track your car with Audi Connect, click here . Once you’ve confirmed that you have Audi Care, you can enjoy all the benefits of Audi Connect, including the ability to track your car’s location.

Second, Audi Care offers a 10% discount on parts and labor for any repairs that are not covered by the plan. This discount can add up to significant savings over time.

If you’re wondering if you have Audi Care, it’s worth checking the origin of the Audi car. The Audi car has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, and its origins can provide insights into the benefits of Audi Care.

Understanding the heritage of your Audi can help you appreciate its features and maintenance needs.

Enhanced Vehicle Performance

Audi Care can also help to enhance the performance of your Audi. The scheduled maintenance services included in the plan help to keep your Audi running smoothly and efficiently. This can lead to improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and a longer lifespan for your vehicle.


Audi Care is a convenient way to maintain your Audi. You can schedule your maintenance appointments online or by phone, and you can drop your car off at any Audi dealership. Audi Care also provides you with a loaner car while your Audi is being serviced, so you can stay mobile even when your car is in the shop.

Checking Audi Care Status

Checking the status of your Audi Care coverage is a crucial step to ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary maintenance and protection. Here are several methods to verify your Audi Care status:

Online Portal

  • Visit the official Audi website and log in to your MyAudi account.
  • Navigate to the “My Vehicles” section and select the vehicle you want to check.
  • Click on the “Service” tab and then “Audi Care.”
  • Your Audi Care status, including coverage period and expiration date, will be displayed.

Audi Customer Service, Do i have audi care

  • Call Audi customer service at 1-800-FOR-AUDI (1-800-367-2834).
  • Provide your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to the representative.
  • The representative will confirm your Audi Care coverage status and answer any questions you may have.

Audi Care Documents

  • Locate your Audi Care booklet or contract.
  • The coverage period and expiration date will be clearly stated in the document.
  • Keep these documents in a safe place for future reference.

Renewal and Transfer of Audi Care

Audi Care offers flexible renewal and transfer options to ensure continued coverage and peace of mind.

Renewing Audi Care

Renewing Audi Care is a straightforward process that can be done before or after the current coverage expires. Simply contact an authorized Audi dealership and provide them with your vehicle information. The dealership will guide you through the renewal process and provide you with a new Audi Care contract.

Transferring Audi Care to a New Owner

Audi Care can be transferred to a new owner when you sell or trade in your Audi. To transfer Audi Care, both you and the new owner must visit an authorized Audi dealership. The dealership will process the transfer and update the Audi Care contract with the new owner’s information.

Audi Care Renewal and Transfer Options
Option Description
Renew Audi Care Renew Audi Care before or after the current coverage expires.
Transfer Audi Care to a New Owner Transfer Audi Care to a new owner when selling or trading in your Audi.

Concluding Remarks

Checking your Audi Care status is easy. Simply contact your local Audi dealership or visit the MyAudi website. If you’re considering purchasing a used Audi, be sure to inquire about the remaining Audi Care coverage. By taking advantage of Audi Care, you’ll ensure your Audi receives the highest level of care, maximizing its performance and value for years to come.

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