Does BMW Have Apple CarPlay? Everything You Need to Know

Does BMW have Apple CarPlay? The answer is a resounding yes! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Apple CarPlay in BMWs, exploring which models support it, how to activate it, its key features, and much more.

So, buckle up and get ready to enhance your driving experience with the seamless integration of your iPhone and your BMW.

BMW has been at the forefront of automotive innovation, and its partnership with Apple has brought forth a game-changing feature: Apple CarPlay. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates your iPhone with your BMW’s infotainment system, allowing you to access your favorite apps, music, navigation, and more while keeping your eyes on the road.

BMW Models with Apple CarPlay

BMW offers Apple CarPlay compatibility across various models and years. The following table provides a comprehensive list of BMW models, their respective years, and the CarPlay versions they support:

BMW Model Years CarPlay Version
1 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
2 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
3 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
4 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
5 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
6 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
7 Series 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
8 Series 2019-Present iOS 7 and later
X1 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
X2 2018-Present iOS 7 and later
X3 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
X4 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
X5 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
X6 2017-Present iOS 7 and later
X7 2019-Present iOS 7 and later
Z4 2019-Present iOS 7 and later

Features of Apple CarPlay in BMW: Does Bmw Have Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay is a smartphone integration system that allows you to connect your iPhone to your BMW’s infotainment system. Once connected, you can access a variety of features from your iPhone through the BMW’s display screen and controls.

Apple CarPlay offers a number of advantages over the standard BMW infotainment system. First, it is more user-friendly. The CarPlay interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy to find and use the features you want.

Do you want to know if BMW has Apple CarPlay? BMW’s iDrive system has supported Apple CarPlay since 2016, so you’re in luck if you’re looking for seamless smartphone integration in your Bimmer. Speaking of BMW, did you know that they discontinued the i8? Check out this article to learn more about the i8’s discontinuation.

But back to Apple CarPlay, BMW continues to offer this feature in their vehicles, making it easy for you to stay connected and entertained while on the road.


One of the most useful features of Apple CarPlay is navigation. CarPlay integrates with the Apple Maps app, which provides turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates. You can also use CarPlay to search for destinations, such as restaurants, gas stations, and parking.

BMW has been offering Apple CarPlay in its vehicles for several years now, making it easy for drivers to connect their iPhones and access their favorite apps. If you’re wondering if BMW discontinued the M5, the answer is no. The M5 is still in production and is one of BMW’s most popular performance sedans.

For more information about the M5, check out this article: Did BMW Discontinue the M5 . Coming back to Apple CarPlay, it’s a great way to stay connected while on the road, and BMW’s implementation is one of the best in the industry.


CarPlay also allows you to control your music from your iPhone. You can use CarPlay to browse your music library, create playlists, and listen to streaming music services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

BMWs are known for their luxurious interiors and advanced technology, including Apple CarPlay. But if you’re considering buying a BMW, you may also be wondering about its resale value. Do BMWs hold their value? To find out, check out this article: do bmws hold their value . It provides insights into the factors that affect a BMW’s resale value and can help you make an informed decision.

And once you’ve decided on a BMW, don’t forget to check if it has Apple CarPlay!


CarPlay also supports messaging. You can use CarPlay to send and receive text messages, as well as use voice commands to dictate messages.

You may be wondering if BMWs have Apple CarPlay, and the answer is yes. BMWs have been known for their longevity, with many models lasting over 200,000 miles. If you’re interested in learning more about the durability of BMWs, check out do bmws last a long time . Getting back to the topic of Apple CarPlay, it’s a great feature that allows you to connect your iPhone to your BMW’s infotainment system.

Other Features

In addition to navigation, music, and messaging, CarPlay also supports a variety of other features, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • News
  • Weather
  • Stocks

Benefits of Using Apple CarPlay in BMW

Does bmw have apple carplay

Integrating Apple CarPlay into BMW vehicles offers a plethora of advantages that enhance the overall driving experience. These benefits encompass improved usability, enhanced safety features, and increased convenience, making CarPlay an invaluable asset for BMW drivers.

If you’re curious about whether BMW has Apple CarPlay, you’re not alone. Many drivers want to know if their favorite luxury car brand offers this popular infotainment feature. While you’re at it, have you ever wondered did BMW buy Rolls Royce ? The answer to that question might surprise you.

But getting back to Apple CarPlay, yes, BMW does offer this feature on many of its newer models.

Enhanced Usability, Does bmw have apple carplay

  • Seamless Integration:CarPlay seamlessly integrates with BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, providing a familiar and intuitive interface for Apple device users.
  • Voice Control:With Siri voice control, drivers can access CarPlay features hands-free, minimizing distractions and maintaining focus on the road.
  • Customized Experience:CarPlay allows for personalized settings, such as favorite apps and widgets, creating a tailored driving environment.

Improved Safety

  • Reduced Distractions:CarPlay’s intuitive interface and voice control features minimize distractions, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  • Hands-Free Communication:CarPlay enables hands-free phone calls and messaging, reducing the risk of accidents caused by distracted driving.
  • Navigation Assistance:Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions, helping drivers stay on track and avoid hazardous situations.

Increased Convenience

  • Entertainment on the Go:CarPlay provides access to a wide range of entertainment options, including music streaming, podcasts, and audiobooks, enhancing the driving experience.
  • Real-Time Information:CarPlay offers real-time traffic updates, weather forecasts, and news, keeping drivers informed and prepared.
  • App Integration:CarPlay integrates with popular third-party apps, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Waze, providing access to a vast array of features.

Troubleshooting Apple CarPlay in BMW

Using Apple CarPlay in BMW is generally a seamless experience, but occasionally, users may encounter issues. Here are some common problems and their corresponding solutions:

Connectivity Issues

  • CarPlay not connecting:Ensure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS version and that your BMW’s software is up to date. Check the USB cable and ensure it’s undamaged. Try using a different cable or USB port.
  • CarPlay disconnecting frequently:Check the USB cable connections at both ends. Try using a different cable or USB port. Reset your iPhone’s network settings and reconnect to CarPlay.

Audio Issues

  • No audio from CarPlay:Adjust the audio settings in both your BMW and iPhone. Ensure that the volume is turned up and that the audio source is set to CarPlay. Check the audio cables and connections.
  • CarPlay audio cutting out:Try restarting your iPhone and BMW. Check for any software updates available for either device. Reset your iPhone’s network settings and reconnect to CarPlay.

Display Issues

  • CarPlay screen freezing or lagging:Restart your iPhone and BMW. Update the software on both devices if available. Try using a different USB cable or USB port.
  • CarPlay screen not displaying correctly:Ensure that your iPhone’s screen resolution is set to “Standard” or “Zoomed” in the Display & Brightness settings. Adjust the BMW’s display settings to match your iPhone’s screen size.

Alternatives to Apple CarPlay in BMW

If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple CarPlay in your BMW, there are a few options to consider.

Android Auto

Android Auto is a great option for Android users. It offers a similar experience to CarPlay, with access to navigation, music, messaging, and more. Android Auto is available on most newer BMW models.

BMW’s Native Infotainment System

BMW’s native infotainment system, iDrive, is another great option. iDrive is a powerful and feature-rich system that offers a wide range of features, including navigation, music, messaging, and more. iDrive is available on all BMW models.

Comparison of Features and Capabilities

Here’s a table comparing the features and capabilities of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and BMW’s native infotainment system:| Feature | Apple CarPlay | Android Auto | BMW’s Native Infotainment System ||—|—|—|—|| Navigation | Yes | Yes | Yes || Music | Yes | Yes | Yes || Messaging | Yes | Yes | Yes || Other features | Siri integration, Apple Maps, Apple Music | Google Assistant integration, Google Maps, Google Play Music | BMW ConnectedDrive services, BMW Apps |

Conclusive Thoughts

In conclusion, Apple CarPlay in BMWs offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced usability and safety to unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned BMW enthusiast or new to the world of Apple CarPlay, this guide has equipped you with all the knowledge you need to make the most of this incredible technology.

So, embrace the seamless integration of your iPhone and your BMW, and elevate your driving experience to new heights.

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