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2005 mazda rx8 Last fall, Canada is not Mazda officials sweet enough to give us the chance to blow a couple of leaves off the trail with the new Mazda RX-8 GS. While our jaunts through the colorful countryside no doubt stripped naked and some maples, we find a lot to love about looking mean sports coupe that screams of 9000 RPM. each with six gears and sendhorse power 238 to the rear wheels. All of the small, 1.3-liter rotary engine.

At the end of our visit, however, we have developed some problems with this beautifully designed car. Of course, we love the style, sound, performance and handling  and the price is impossible to beat-$36,800 for the GS model.

But we become concerned about excessive fuel and oil consumption than even 2005 mazda rx8  the latest version of the rotary machine and a basic discomfort Rene sis just checking the oil. We are having trouble finding the proper sitting position. There seems to be a blind spot is too large.

So when Mazda called again and said it was the GT RX-8 available, we jumped at the chance to see both.

2005 mazda rx8 GT, starting at $ 39,600, adding xenon headlamps, leather seats, anti-theft system and dynamic stability control GS models, which were tested last year. Perhaps, we thought, a set of fresh eyes and a different perspective on this car will disable some of the objections.

Once again, the 2005 mazda rx8 a thrill to drive. The intoxicating exhaust whine.Leather wrapped steering wheels provide excellent feedback and rudder remain appropriate and responsive.

Travel companies but not punishing. The center of gravity and low weight make the balanced distribution of the RX-8 flat in corners, no matter how hard it is pushed. And large, four-wheel disc with anti lock bring the car stopped immediately.

Accelerated, and the howls of a double exhaust that comes with it, is fast. Fat rear tire spinning easily when the traction control turned off.


Rain machine torque on each tooth, and throw short, Sift capped with aluminum knob shaped like a rotor machine (form is echoed in other parts of the car) click clean and right through every gear. Quite simply,this car is a ticket to the blemishes on the other.

The two rear seats are functional and comfortable 2005 mazda rx8 for the short term. In and out very easy through a unique, rear-door. The cozy guest chairs provide a lot of support, but it still seems the clutch pedal too far when everything has been adjusted correctly.

2005 mazda rx8 remains a joy to look at. Large fenders at the front and rear lights,aggressive, 18 inches alloy standard with 225/45 series tires and line cleaning and roof of low soil makes for a design deftly executed unlike just about anything on the road today.

But the problems encountered on the last drive we haven’t eliminated.The first fuel consumption, excessive, it can be tolerated – after all, this is a high-performance sports coupe intended for the driver, not commuting.

Oil consumption of rotary, the history of complaints about this type of machine, it is less easy to ignore. Mazda service bulletin recommends checking the oil every two fill-ups, and topping up is required.

It may be easier to live with if the task of checking the oil that’s simple,but it isn’t. Dipstick is difficult to access and once deleted, same colored hue as engine oil, making desperate it is difficult to measure.

In addition, add the oil requires drivers to remove plastic engine shroud, which is not a difficult job, but one that can be removed easily see and reach the filler cap.

This is probably the worst of the issues. The other major blind spots,the awkward seating positions, a  smallish, less than ideal control and instrument panel — more like character lines that would be less disruptive as it builds kilometers.

The best kilometer can be enjoyed in the leafy back streets where the joy of driving different RX-8 will never fade.

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Image:by Mazda

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