2005 Mazda Tribute Legend Car


2005 mazda tributeThe New Mazda Tribute will be an attractive alternative option to the SUV market is growing in this country, especially for those who are adventurous. We believe slogan New Mazda Tribute – ie “The Adventure Starts Here” – would seem relevant for many people. “” Completion of the New Tribute confirm the presence of DNA typical Mazda Zoom-Zoom, making this car has a ‘soul’ sports

“We believe that the homeland of automotive enthusiasts will welcome the sensational driving experience offered by Mazda Tribute,” Advanced Nishihara-san.

Improvements in the New Mazda Tribute 2005 mazda tribute will be greatly appreciated by those who are looking for a vehicle that combines driving pleasure everyday with SUV capability fight all odds. Transmission with adaptive learning technology with a lever that is now located between the front seats, Mazda identity stronger and more luxurious interior are some of the many improvements that exist in New Mazda Tribute.

As energy kitchen, New Mazda Tribute Mazda MZR 2.3L engines L3X equipped with Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) technology, so as to produce a smoother torque curve for a higher driving pleasure. For the 4×4 model, four-wheel drive system on-demand use of Rotary Blade Coupling apply (RBC) to activate the four-wheel drive automatically when needed. A button located on the dashboard will lock wheel drive system to remain in the four-wheel drive option – allowing off road experience Zoom-Zoom.


Entering the cabin, the driver and passengers are greeted with a modern and sporty atmosphere. The most striking change in the cabin is the position of the gear lever, which is now located on the floor between the two front seats. The new position is expected to be felt more natural and sporty; and expand visibility toward the instrument panel. Automatic air conditioning system is one of the standard equipment on New Mazda Tribute, allowing setting the cabin temperature more constant.

A more solid body created thanks to triple-H structure – generates driving stability, comfort and best-in-class security and even on par with luxury sedans. New security features Mazda Tribute else is SRS airbags for driver and front passenger, disc brakes on all four wheels enhanced by technology ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution). When the driver was forced to make an emergency braking, Brake Assist System (BAS) will automatically increase the braking force to maximize braking power.

2005 Mazda Tribute Designed to produce optimal comfort, New Mazda Tribute use sophisticated suspension system that is able to produce a more refined ride quality. The front suspension uses MacPherson strut-type with an L-shaped lower arm and a stabilizing bar, while the rear suspension is equipped with a double lateral link and trailing arm.

Judging from the exterior, the front of the New Mazda Tribute increasingly reinforce the impression of sporty and stylish. Larger headlights swathed clear lenses, reflectors show a new design that is able to provide better lighting at night or when weather conditions are less favorable. Side mirrors are now equipped with LED turn signal modern impression. To give the impression of elegance, New Mazda Tribute now comes in two colors of paint shades. Especially for 4×4 models equipped with electric sunroof.

image:by Mazda

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