2005 Mazda Tribute

2005 Mazda Tribute

2005 Mazda Tribute will look more polished, too. A new front fascia and other styling revisions adds excitement for what is already one of the contenders more handsome in class. The suspension has been revised to improve handling. Available side-impact airbags and airbags improve safety.
Mazda Tribute gives you excellent value for drivers who want the flexibility of a sport utility, but with superior refinement and in the handling of a car-based utility that can offer. Mazda and Ford worked together to develop the Mazda Tribute and Ford escape, and they have a lot in common, but Mazda offers a sportier handling
2.3-liter MZR petrol come standard with a new five-speed manual transmission that employs multiple cone synchronizes and the new cable shift system, which reduces shift effort and provide for shorter throw long to feel superior to the shift. The shift lever is placed in the center console in a higher position compared to the previous model, which allows the driver to take full advantage of the potential of a sporty machine.
3.0-liter V6 engine come standard with a four-speed automatic transmission, which remains the same. However, in a new version of the shift lever has been moved from the steering column to floor-mounted position to move easier, more natural. This position also allows the audio controls and other controls of the driver to see and use.
New active torque control AWD Coupling (ATCC) technology
New Mazda tribute now come with all-wheel drive (AWD) is standard on all vehicles, regardless of the search engine or the class. AWD feature new ATCC technology that replaces the current electronic rotary blade system clutch. 2005 Mazda Tribute ATCC advanced machine control feature that constantly monitors the speed of the wheel and throttle
Passive safety has also improved considerably. The front airbags are standard, along with the new occupant classification system (OCS) that employs a full bladder the gel in the passenger seat to measure the weight of the front passenger. If a pair of gloves or a map in the Chair, heavy and not detect OCS airbag passenger is automatically switched off by the car restraint control module (RCM). If more weight is detected, but less weight than young adults, then RCM hold airbag turned off lights and illuminate the “Passenger Airbag Off” on the instrument panel. If a person is heavier than a child who sits in a Chair, RCM automatically turn the bag and turn off the lights. This reliable system preventing accidental use of airbags with passenger seat remove the possibility of human error.
2005 Mazda Tribute Standard on all new Mazda Tribute vehicle airbags, side airbags that replaces the previous model. It provides superior protection for front passengers and passengers in seats behind the outside in the event of an impact or side roll-over. Other upgrades include a new three-point seatbelts and headrests for rear center position, and seatback frame reinforced with hinges-not removable and the hook side of the body to help prevent sliding into the passenger cabin Baggage during a frontal impact.

Image : By Mazda

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