2006 Honda Civic


2006 Honda Civic Honda’s new Civic was launched in 2006, with considerable changes compared to its predecessor, the Civic ES or commonly known as the Civic VTi-S. Increased dimensions and a more sporty models. Fd1 coded civic body is quite successful in attracting many fans Civic.

Exterior Honda Civic is arguably fd1 sporty, but some feel elegant shape. Yes, probably a big factor dimensions that seem more elegant than previous models. Also sporty 16inch wheels 5 bolt that looks pretty cool.


Fd1 Civic interior is quite simple, yes, simple, but attractive terraced meter cluster is memorable futuristic. Although to be honest, the hallmark of Honda in the use of materials ….. stingy …. It is unfortunate that only bermaterial hard plastic glove.

Behind The Wheel

Sitting in the driver’s seat, very easy to get the right seating position, wide windshield makes the outlook so freely. Easy and comfortable grip steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake are also easily achieved. Now is the time to feel the true performance of these cars.


2006 Honda Civic  equip with machinery R18A SOHC i-VTEC with a capacity of 1.798cc with a 140hp output. Power is channeled through a 5-speed automatic transmission. The response is quite smooth transmission, power and torque channeled perfectly, the car was no shortage of power for overtaking maneuvers. 1 word can describe driving preoccupation with Civic: agile! This car is so agile, the combination of a rigid suspension and enough energy to make the car feels good and is so agile in urban streets. Move the lever to position S and switch paddle shift, gear shift will take place manually, and add to the fun. At least these things make us forget that this car is very, very minimal completeness ….. yup, minimal features! This car does not have the “special” unless the paddle shift and its multiplex Dashboard …… ……

Of course the typical drawbacks as other Honda cars, loud bang, a consequence of the stable handling. And road noise into the cabin


Honda once again managed to design the interior in such a way, the cabin and the trunk of this car includes roomy, but once again, buy a Honda sedan instead to sit in the second row, but to sit behind the wheel, because once again if you are just a passenger, this car very boring

Image by : Honda

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