2006 Nissan 350z


2006, Nissan 350Z remains the national airline to the Nissan lineup rejuvenated. Like the original Datsun 240Z, fast, it’s fun, itis a pure sports car. And, again like the original Z, this affordable, or at least can be achieved
The most fundamental changes for the year 2006 was the installation of a more powerful V6 extended the previously stored for the trac kmodel and 35th Anniversary Edition last year for all models with manual transmission. Other functional upgrades include larger wheels,more responsive power steering, brakes better, improving the lighting and audio feature added.

Taken is all the features that make the 350Z as a performance bargain:carbon-fibre driveshaft, drive-by-wire throttle, brake disc anti-lockvented front and rear with electronic brake-pressure distribution andbrake assist. Add comfort features that come standard, such as automatic temperature control and a premium stereo even the Z Foundation, and attractive pricing.

Available as a coupe or 350Z roadster, giving race car handling, rear-wheel drive, and thrilling acceleration performance. The suspensionmakes the tires glued to the road through the chicanes, fast. Bouncethrough curbs on street racing and Z will hold lines. Styling details like door handles controversial design industry – make sure this car will never be called bland.

Nissan says the 350Z was designed to be a sports car that fans can live with every day. While the company goes up, all of a sudden the throttle response and awkward Cup does not make a great place todrink coffee, Eat Donuts, and making phone calls on the way to work, it is a comfortable car with cargo spaces that are useful, and entry and exit are not impossibly awkward. Order a version with an excellent five-speed automatic, and you’ll have a commuter daily to stop-and-gothat still will leave a smile on your face after running street racer a fast favorite.

The bottom line: The 2006 Nissan 350Z more promises from the appearance of the star. This is a real sports car with GT’s performance seriously.Roadster adds wind in You hair freedom.


2006 Nissan 350Z eight variants are available: five Coupes and three cars. All come with one of two 3.5-liter V6 version of the same engine,and all but two came with a choice of six-speed manual transmissionor five-speed automatic.
For 2006, all six-speed manual transmission model gets a 300-horsepower engine. 7s is equipped with 287-hp. version (this change for 2007, when Nissan certified 7s with a machine more powerful.)Increase the size of the wheels of at least one inch, 18 inch; All non-Tinted brake equipped models get bigger rotors; Bi-Xenon HIDHeadlights and LED taillights are standard; help power steering speedrelated rather than vehicle present engine speed; Bose stereo andOptional add ability MP3. Three new paint colors offered: flames of Interlagos, with special pigments, hue-shift that changes from dark purple to bluish-Brown, depending on the angle of view ($ 500), an alloy of silver and black magnetic.

2006 Nissan 350Z basis ($ 27,650) come standard with automaticclimate control, 160-watt AM/FM/CD player with six speakers, powerWindow (with auto-auto-up/down on both sides), electric door locks, power Mirrors, remote keyless entry, vehicle security system, heatedoutside mirrors, cloth seats with eight-way manual passenger driver and four-way manual adjustment and leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter boot. It comes with a six-speed manual transmission.

Fan model ($ 29,350) add a HomeLink universal transceiver, cruise control, traction control, rear viscous limited-slip differential, rubber-nibbed aluminum pedals, illuminated steering wheel audio controlsand switchable electro-chromic rear view mirror. Fans of this model isalso available with a five-speed automatic transmission ($ 30,350). Fans of the Roadster is available with a six-speed manual ($ 35,050) or five-speed automatic ($ 37,050) and equipped with manual adjustabledriver’s seat four-way power/four-way.


The Touring model is available with manual ($ 32,450) or the automatic transmission ($ 32,950). Touring is equipped with leather seats that areappointed with four-way power driver seat, power passenger seat, anda two-way seat heaters, Bose and CD6 240-watt MP3 capability and sixspeakers plus a subwoofer. Touring manual transmission vehicledynamic control gain (VDC), Nissan’s electronic stability control system.Touring Roadster models come with six-speed manual ($ 37,650) or five-speed automatic ($ 38,650) and offers as an option without charge over the standard blue black.


The model tracks ($ 34,550) got brakes Tinted vented, lightweight 19-inch aluminum wheels and front and rear spoilers. It comes with acloth, but equipped with VD
Image:by Nissan
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