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2009 Ford focus Remember the Ford SVT focus, affordable pocket, 170-horse rocket from 2002-04? We did. There is a large cadre of performance fans out there who still haven’t forgiven Ford make that car go. We wish we could tell you it’s coming back, but not so–in at least the current focus on the platform, the revision-to-2008. Meanwhile, the kind of Blue Oval serving a sportier version of the semi-makes base fines herb SVT-inspired yourself.

Save for a few badges, 2009 focus Coupe SES is without chrome; almost everything else is body color, dark gray or black. Front and rear fascias, new front fog lights, combining top Black mesh air intakes, and a grating of dark gray. 2009 Ford focus Ginger chrome pieces at the end of the front Fenders on the standard trailing Foci has disappeared. Stem-mounted spoiler is not unusual, this is one of the mountains at the top of the rear window, given the sense Ford rally driver ‘ 80s. exhaust system sound throatier and presenting SES sprouts chrome tip, and trim around headlights dark to match your overall treatment.

2009 Ford focus The biggest difference visually (and performance) come in the form of handsome, 17-in. Alloy wheels, wrapped with the biggest tires offered on this gen of focus. If you are looking for challenging the Civic Si motor, forget it, but the revised exhaust bumps horsepower of 140 143. Choose between a five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission, both offer ratio shaft 4.2: 1 zippier performance for stouter than a line.


2009 Ford focus What it all amounts to is a focus with a sports package, which might not sound appealing, but somehow equals more than the sum of its parts. Encourage focus with standard 15-in. rolling stock; the steering wheel so numb and without feeling, you’ll wonder if the chicks are connected to the front end. Better communication with Sumitomo optional, but still not to shout about. 17-in. the SES package brings the feel of the steering wheel and the response to life, reminding you that this chassis can work when the right thing is bolted to it. We would prefer a stiffer anti-roll bars and shock tuning some more aggressive, but boots fans help substantially.

2009 Ford focus This is one of those cars you start driving normally, then realized the stick pretty well, and all of a sudden You take a ton of speed and really hustling. While there’s no question could make good use of the horsepower over 40-50, new exhaust sounds better focus standard Fiz lifeless. No complaints with the transmission. Close-ratio six-speed would be nice, but it is not in the cards for this car (as with the sports suspension, meaning it would be too expensive for this program are limited, and will require new emissions certification). This five-speed ratio is right, and the shifter feels not flabby or throw for too long.

image: by Ford

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