2014 Ford Escape


2014 Ford Escape 2014 Ford is one of the largest automotive companies in the world. Many Ford cars go to different countries in the world, Ford has long been a dream of its own to society some Ford cars are already on the market, one of which is the Ford Escape. This car became one of the favorites for everyone

Specifications And Price 2014 Ford Escape

The material carried on the Ford Escape is indeed interesting. Both in terms of interior and exterior and engine, everything is directly proportional and create a distinct impression of a sporty and tough. Ford Escape was also able to increase the safety and comfort in driving. Ford Escape car price is comparable with the specifications offered. Carrying the engine type Inline 4 cylinders, ETCS and VVT, DOHC 16V with VICS, bore x stroke (mm) 87. 5 x 94. 0, displacement (cc) 2261, 2014 Ford Escape sequential multipoint fuel system electronic fuel injection as well ability tanky that can contain 61 L fuel.



In terms of engines, the 2.3L Duratec VVT is used and ETCS which is a machine that is still fairly new. This one machine has power and is very responsive. These cars use a 4 speed automatic acceleration system. In terms of supporting features comfort and safety, there are Electric Sunroof, 6 Audio CDs in the dash that can be controlled using the remote audio controls on the steering wheel. Do not stop there, there are some other interesting features of this Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape  There are several additional security features embedded in the system the Ford Escape, the placement of air bags in the front and the side, there is also a braking system EBD (Emergency Brake Assist) and ABS. There is also parking sensor, engine mobilizer also complete with alarms.

Furthermore, other features which Sunroof, Sporty Electric, and Roof rail cross bars accompanied. With all these specifications, the Ford Escape is deservedly getting his own place in the hearts of consumers. This car includes a dynamic car, to be used in all situations, a vacation, a walk, or can also be used as a family car given space in the cabin is quite spacious and comfortable to ride, as well as using a fuel efficient engine. 2014 Ford Escape car price on the market ranged $ 23.100

Image :by ford

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