2014 lamborghini aventador

2014 lamborghini aventador Lamborghini experts make the most iconic cars. Of all their products, type V12 roadster has always been the main. This year, as a birthday present to-50, Lamborghini also presents the latest version of the Aventador roadster V12 in phenomenal shape.Lamborghini engineers devote a lot of thought to this retractable roof. They use a mix of the most advanced carbon fiber for weight reduction and structural strength. As a result, the Aventador Roadster weighs only 60 pounds over the coupe version and has the same body rigidity.

But admittedly takes more effort and time to unscrew the roof because not equipped automatic folding. Lamborghini did not want a tool that adds weight and causes no form of this beautiful car.There is a flood of tense and cheerful as he entered the cabin is so modern. Exceptional ergonomic seating position combined exotic materials and designs in the cabin will make you forget all the things in the world. Desired in the cabin is only one, immediately drive it.Press the start button in the middle, 2014 lamborghini aventador  instantaneous unit 5498 cc engine roaring loudly. His voice is so melodic and addictive listen. When the roof is closed indeed very good, but you can open a small window in the back that makes your ears are directly connected to the machine. 2014 lamborghini aventador That’s one small feature that illustrates how Lamborghini wants its customers to enjoy the beauty of the sound of their engines.

Run the car in the city, you will feel intimidated by a narrow visibility and width dimensions. The distribution of power itself is not stressful at Strada mode because it is quite smooth and easy to control. But once the driving mode was transferred to the Corsa mode and you dare to press the gas more, everything instantly changed.

In a matter of milliseconds the sound of the engine changed very ferocious and body stumbles back with a bang. It only took an instant to make the engine scream to 8,500 rpm. Press to raise the paddle-shift gears, and the transmission will make the shift is roughly that keeps your head banging again to the chair.
2014 lamborghini aventador Claims 0-100 km / h are achieved in a car 3.0 seconds. In Indonesia, the condition of the fuel is not as good as in Europe, we were still able to record 3.3 seconds.  Just under 0.1 seconds in the coupe type. If you have the guts and ready to bear all, the Aventador Roadster is ready you to a top speed of 350 km / h. At that speed, you will cover a football field in length 1 1 seconds.

Image: By Lamborghini

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