2014 Mini Cooper


Newest 2014 Mini Cooper – finally a car with the model and engine of the mini cooper  the car is different from the previous cooper cars that use 4-cylinder engine. 2014 Mini Cooper Latest on which we present has a capacity of 1,499 cc 3 cylinder. which of course has a better performance compared with the Mini Cooper. if you see the history there, the car was first issued in England in 1959 that was never used 3-cylinder engine, and always use a 4-cylinder, it is exactly what makes New 2014 Mini Cooper is more interesting and captivating.

moreover, with the engine mounted on the Mini Cooper 2014, this little car is capable of racing and has acceleration 0-100 km / h in 7.8 seconds. This of course is quite encouraging achievement because mempuanya capable of racing and fast acceleration. fuel itself, the Mini Cooper cars Latest 2014 is also quite fuel efficient, because it can shot 12.1 km / liter, this car also has a tiny body so fit use d in urban




2014 Mini Cooper This little car also has the Arm with a variety of entertainment dpat played by the rider, but it also is equipped with ABS, EBD, BA and 6 airbags, Climate Control air conditioning as well as other entertainment features such as CD, MP3, DVD, USB, monitor and Aux-in has also been injected on a mini cooper latest cars 2014.

small car with a 1,499 cc 3-cylinder is capable of using menghasilkanTenaga Maximum: 136 hp at 6,000 rpm rotation with Peak Torque: 220 Nm at 1,250 rpm rotation. 2014 mini cooper terbarun also have used the system 6 speed Automatic, FWD


2014 Mini Cooper This petite sized car dimensions LxWxH: 3821 x 1727 x 141 with the car’s weight Weight: 1.115 kg, with fuel consumption as we explored above the 12.1 km / liter. Wheelbase: 2,495 mm, Tire Size: 195/55 R16.

Image :By BMW

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