2015 Audi r8 mrsp Review Specifications

2015 Audi r8 mrsp Review Specifications

2015 Audi r8 mrsp is scheduled to soon be replaced with a new model, but that doesn’t make it less attractive as a do-it-all, supercar every day. Approachable, comfortable, great fun to drive, and, for model years 2015, R8 updated to get the most out of production for this generation.

The entry of the R8 still 420-horsepower, 4.2-liter V-8-powered Coupe, convertible, or paired with the Spyder. 525-horsepower, 5.2-liter V-10 Coupe and Spyder also brings to the year 2015. 2015 Audi r8 all share the updated appearance and interior features, mostly small tweaks, but collectively, the visible design refinement.

Comfort and convenience items in the Interior is usually minimal, but coupe-at the same time, more than just enough. Audi MMI navigation with real-time traffic, Bluetooth, and a very good audio includes base is expected. The Chair and the space in the cabin will encourage you to enjoy the time you spend there. And although the cargo space is somewhat limited, it still is one of the most practical super sports car or supercar around.

2015 Audi R8 has not yet crash-tested by official bodies, but with full design and modern safety specification suite, including dual-stage airbags, knee airbags, head and thorax airbags, stability control, glass, cameras and much more to help reduce the effects of the impact of the 2015 Audi r8

Rated as high as 14/23 mpg city/highway with the dual-clutch transmission and 4.2-liter V-8, or as low as 12/19 mpg with a 5.2-liter V-10 and a manual transmission, the Audi R8 not exactly green, even for a car that the caliber of performance.

The best change came last year was the replacement of the previous transmission with S Tronic dual-clutch unit. No longer Agus you and not cooperative, the R8 a dual-clutch gearbox is now preferred – unless you really want to line your own gear. Almost sentient in upshifts and downshifts predictions that a stable, fast, even skipping gears to respond directly to some of the downshift request, new gearbox is now a must-have for all but Purists. For Purists, there is still a six-speed manual.

2015 Audi r8 Also new for last year was model V10 Plus, which increases the horsepower of a standard R8 V10 580 550 horsepower a little more fun. It’s still not outrageous in the days of 650 horsepower-plus muscle cars, but combined with the weight savings over standard V-10-powered car, the R8 V10 Plus as Frisky as a V-8-powered R8. Together, extra strength and lightness make players stand out, especially when paired with a dual-clutch transmission.
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