2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City Review Specifications

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City Review Specifications

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City Individuals who need to complete the great work can attest to the strength, durability and performance of the offering pick-up trucks Dodge RAM. Dodge continued the trend with their 2015 range of products, including the RAM 1500. By 2015 the RAM 1500 is designed to be a perfect work truck, but also flexible enough for any occasion, even those non-work related. Now, the residents of Farmingdale, Freehold, Mercer County can find 2015 Dodge RAM 1500 in Freehold Dodge.

Dodge RAM 1500 for 2015 engineered has the capability of a truck, but with German sports car. That’s why large flatbed model has a match for anything, but also has a form of streamlining to improve performance. The aerodynamic features of the expanded lattice to the 1500s, where active air window optimize efficient driving with opening and closing to reduce drag and cool the engine when needed. 2015 every RAM 1500 came with the Rambox cargo management system in a flatbed You for even more storage space and measures side wheel-to-wheel, loading and unloading easier than ever. Dodge Ram 1500 2015 test today in Freehold Dodge. If you are interested in truck Dodge, see our current inventory page for new and used Dodge truck we have available.

The performance of the
Come standard with a 3.6 L Pentastar V6 engine, the 2015 RAM 1500 can reach 305 horsepower while also being able to attract 7.600 lbs. If that’s not enough power for you, you can also equip Your machine with 1500 HEMI V8 5.7 that receive horsepower 394 and can attract up to 10,650 lbs.

A selection of the best machine, 2015 RAM 1500 offered air suspension active four corners-a level that has the ability to raise and lower your truck. 2015 Dodge Ram  I You can manually select one of five different heights, and 1500 RAM you use sensors to automatically lower your truck during high speed to help reduce drag.

While rough on the outside, in 2015 the RAM 1500 features a touch of luxury. Showing the interior and refined wood accents, you will feel comfortable ride into the driver’s seat after a long day of work. And you will find the 8.4-inch touchscreen center console that features maps, interior climate control, Bluetooth and ability and availability of Uconnect that can change Your RAM 1500 into a Wi-Fi hotspot to optimize the ability of work and communication.2000 dodge ram 1500 freehold
Security system RAM 1500 2015 intelligent, safe and secure. The truck is equipped with a system of airbags that deploy at three different speeds, depending on the speed of the impact. With the front crumple Zone, the RAM 1500 is designed to withstand impact and keep the front passenger safety. Along with this crumple zones came side impact door beams are also optimized to absorb energy.

While it is a common misconception is that it is difficult to park the truck, the RAM 1500 2015 has features that make parking in Freehold, Farmingdale and Monroe Township so much easier. Comes with rear view cameras and Parksense front Park assist system, you will have every angle covered when fitting into parking spaces.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City I, you will be able to complete any tasks that are thrown your way. Large flatbed towing capacity and superb make any project feasible. And with a sophisticated interior and security features, you can feel comfortable and secure in the truck.
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