2015 Opel Antara Review Specifications

2015 Opel Antara Review Specifications

2015 Opel Antara  Among the first models released by Opel in 2006. Four years later, Between underwent a mild facelift. Much time has passed since this model have any drinks. Lately, among those mentioned as a possible compact SUV from Opel. Even this model is on display during the Motor Show which takes place in the Chinese city of Chengdu. At the same time, it also established imagine, and it’s rumored to be the basis for 2015 this upcoming Opel Antara. This new generation of both models will come with a great design.

2015 Opel Antara: redesigning the exterior and Interior
This SUV will get interesting patterns with beautiful lines and pointier similar to that found in Opel’s Opel crossover SUV Mokka. It will become more powerful than the current model considering its ability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. The chassis should be revised to include a new damper and spring settings fixes aimed at improving 2015 Opel Antara Between off-road and on road behaviour. The exterior styling changes to 2015 Between the new front grill with included Opel’s badge, fog lamps with Chrome bezels the new improvement on high, trims new tail lights and 19-inch Alloy wheels.

Redesigned Interior will be marked with high-tech features and materials that will assist in directing 2015 Opel Antara. It will get a new center console with added storage space and some revision. Some new features include standard Hill assist, brake and gearshift indicator parking lot electrical. The Interior will be layered with the use of luxurious materials and quality which will give this car a new look. Carbon fiber will be used extensively, especially in making the panel acted. Redesigned center console will also have extra storage space. 2015 Opel Antara  Safety and luxury features, they include front and side airbags, seat belt tension and belt force limiters on the front, and tool box with tools to fix the small car problems.

2015 Opel Antara: engine specs
2015 Opel Antara will offer two options of the machine. Both machines will use Solar, and this has been provided by car following the customer request. One of these machines will be the 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that produces 260 horsepower. This unit will be mated to an automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive mode. For the European market by 2015, Opel Antara 2.0 CDTI will be equipped with liter Bi Turbo that will produce about 195 horsepower. This second engine will also come with four wheel drive and an automatic or manual transmission. Currently, there is very little information on its driving force. Among the fans can only wait to see what exactly will be taking place in this redesigned model. Opel has stated that Antara’s power unit will increase the fuel consumption in addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
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