2016 Dodger Viper Price Review Specifications


2016 Dodger Viper Price Review Specifications

2016 Dodger Viper ACR is top of the line the Viper, which distinguishes itself from the Snake’s lower with the 10-way suspension setup, double-adjustable carbon ceramic brakes, new 15.4-inch, extreme performance Tires Kuhmo (which somehow sticky rather than at the last ACR) and big enough for a spacecraft landed on the rear spoiler. Dodge with the love call it carbon fiber spoiler wing X. It goes well with the mischievous nod to Princess Leia on the dashboard.

The ACR stands for American Club racer in the Dodge, and it can easily be seen in the form of shares on a racetrack near you. It is not a street car that works on the line; It’s a legitimate race car that barely legal on the street. In fact, we stuck to the track while testing, with Dodge promises that “this is a really livable,” to and from the track nearest you.

8.4-litre V10 put dinosaurs made from 645 hp at 6,200 rpm and 600 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. If you think about oil changes, you better buy a barrel. These suckers hold 11 quarts of goods, and 4 gallons of coolant to boot.

ACR fell under the Dodge’s “1 1” program, which means you can determine the Mole’s interior with accents of the whale beluga and metallic mauve paint job, as long as no one else had done it first. Didn’t get one though–we call it, it is ours. Production begins in the third quarter of this year.

2016 Dodger Viper Viper ACR i2
2016 Dodge Viper ACR hard interior is Spartan, but less than you might expect.

We lack the Dodge’s latest world beater at Virginia International Raceway on the path is full of Grand, 24-turn, 4.1 mil. Technical corners, blind curves, and elevation changes make the perfect place to bring the ACR limit of traction. We never really reached that point, but we did make some progress.

The Viper has a reputation that says it is scary, it is a killer, it’ll bite you if you don’t pay attention. It’s not entirely true. We found that You really have to do a lot of things wrong in one line to get trouble in ACR. As mentioned, Kumho Ecsta Tire V720, 295/25-19 front, rear 355/30-19, grippier than near-slicks on ACR’s last, and only has a few obligatory tread line to make them street legal. The matrix Standard carbon ceramic brakes, a first for the brand, which certainly borrowed from the space shuttle endeavour.


Dodge does not skimp on the corners.
We took some reconnaissance laps before gradually upping our speed in VIR’s esses and corners. Our cars are equipped with extreme Aero package ($ 6,000), which Dodge says “make 1,200 pounds of downforce at 150 mph” and a good bit more above speed of 177 mph. we didn’t quite hit that speed, but thanks to aero Bilstein suspension and our easy lift corner of our speed of 40 mph at the end of the day. Not so scary after all.

10-way suspension Setup, the aluminum-bodied, bound and rebound can be set differently for different tracks with a few cranks under the hood and trunk. Dodge definitely has a list somewhere to setup the best songs were found. Coilovers they can also improve the car’s 3 inches. Camber and corner weight melodious, according to Dodge.

2016 Dodge Viper ACR i4
A quick note here: The ACR prepares for six-point racing harness, and Dodge had one for our use, but it could not sell the cars to the public as such. Just another case of The Man keep us down. If you get a post-sale upgrades, which makes it. The knees and elbows You will be grateful for life does not have to brace your weight at the corners 1.5 g.

V10 ROAR down the straights, and on a stable speed, and when to slow down. That’s pretty much roam everywhere; Dodge said all votes turn out the material is heavy to pull out, and we were able to tell right away. Acceleration is spring water everywhere in the rev range naturally aspirated engine vibration and loud on high rpm. Pedal box too narrow, but used correctly, you will not have much time to rest the left foot, anyway. While we complain for a second, we’ll add that stroke on the clutch a little bit too long, and capture the point a little too high. Adjustment help; the entire setup can be moved up and down with the buttons on the steering wheel.

2016 Dodger Viper buyers knew what they were getting with ACR. They get a round of record breaking, courage improve, ear-splitting race cars can be legally driven on to the track. We’ll forgive Dodge if not the most advanced sports car in the group. It has air conditioning, we ran for the majority of 85 degrees, humid day without mas
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