2016 Honda FCV Review, Price Spec

2016 Honda FCV Review, Price Spec

2016 Honda FCV Market and competitors don’t sleep ever. Development of constant improvisation and brought the suspect new models and systems that drives the vehicle. 2016 Honda FCV Also, the prospect of paying more and more attention to the environmental performance of vehicles and their age. Based on these parameters is the concept Honda recently created, which will appear as a completely new model, on time.
2016 Honda FCEV is a type of concept vehicles of the future will use only the fuel cell to power an electric motor, on-board. FCEV serves acronym fuel cell electric vehicles.

2016 Honda FCV concept
Honda FCEV concept presented by 2013, at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The concept vehicle of this type was established in 1959, and in today’s car market is the vehicle which was developed on this principle. There are models of 2009 (Mazda 5 hydrogen RE hybrid, Audi Q5 FCEV, Nissan XTrail FCV, Volkswagen Caddy Maxi HyMotion and Mercedes Benz B-Class FC) and 2010 (F800 Mercedes Benz and BMW 1 series hybrid fuel cell). The latest model to come from Hyundai (Hyundai Tucson IX35 FCEV 2015) and the concept, marked as 2016 Honda FCEV.

2016 Honda interior FCV
This model should present the best from Honda, in every vehicle segment. This design is very different from all the futuristic, Honda concept. This “space” will surely draw attention and obviously encourage competition on similar efforts. 2016 Honda FCEV concept is still unknown, with very little information about the parameters and Part of the equipment. The expectation is that it will take the best from Honda, as one of the pioneers in this segment of futuristic vehicles.

2016 Honda FCV: specifications
This concept serves the vehicle with aerodynamic characteristics. A spacious interior that can accommodate up to five adult passengers. 2016 Honda FCV The goal is to reach out to 300 miles, and with the progress of currently consume 30 percent less fuel cells. This is the basic information of the concepts presented.

2016 Honda FCEV concept: prices
2016 Honda FCV Mass production of this model is in the plans of the Honda Motor Company. the first new model to be released in Japan, then the car market in the United States and once in Europe. Although all under secret, this concept should go on sale in Japan by 2015, 2016 and then as Honda FCEV car models on the market are listed. Regarding the price, this new model could have a price of about $ 97,000 (Euro 75,020 or 10.4 million Yen Japan). This is the official information, based on comparisons with similar concepts.
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