2016 Hyundai Equus News, Release date, Review

2016 Hyundai Equus News, Release date, Review

2016 Hyundai Equus Every car that seriously has a flagship luxury sedan. Hyundai Equus model is 2016, impressive. If the Equus sounds familiar to you, it is because it is the name of a genus of mammals such as horse property. That alone makes Hyundai the famous, like every other car call top model by means of a series of numbers and letters. Significant vehicles must have a name.

Equus (RWD) rear-wheel-drive vehicles that are very large. Lincoln and Cadillac is currently offering their biggest sedan on the platform front-wheel-drive (FWD). In contrast, Hyundai joined luxury brands Germany and Japan by sticking with RWD configuration. Inside, the car is great. Although the 5-passenger car, Equus is configured with two rear seats that offer levels of comfort limousines. The fifth seat is accessed by placing the rear console great. Important powers at the level of luxury, and the Summit V8 Equus ‘ Lexus LS 460 ruled 429 hp. vehicle at the top of the market offers more of everything, and the Equus is an example of that.

Hyundai Equus created to raise the bar in the Genesis sedan is already impressive. Such events, Equus went with some signs of Hyundai and used symbols such as birds themselves. Equus owners also enjoy special treatment from Hyundai, starting with a test drive. Hyundai Equus will take you when and where he worked for you. The same service in that Hyundai will come to the vehicle, so you don’t need to visit the dealer. Hyundai certainly will leave you a vehicle to drive while you work on the Equus as well.

Like its counterparts, Equus comes with all bits big sedan quickly may need to drive in the United States in the way unlike some similar, Hyundai Equus market not as a sports sedan, or whether the company offers versions of hot-rod. There is just one wheelbase, unlike some other brands that offer longer trims “L”.

2016 Hyundai Equus has a long list of standard equipment. We could list all out for you, but suffice it to say that there was no negligence reveals the meticulous. The front seats are heated and cooled leather premium. Leather wrapped heated steering wheel. All the stuff in the infotainment press, including telematics service — in this case, the blue Link Hyundai. Premium audio and lexicon navigation is also included.

2016 Hyundai Equus is offered in two trims, the signature and Ultimate. Compare two things interesting, because they are mechanically identical, and both have ovaries safety equipment. The difference between the two comes down to mostly electronic. The ultimate gauge cluster features a TFT (Thin Film Transistor), and create a signature with a more conventional Electroluminescent unit with small TFT screen inserts. Ultimate also comes with haptic feedback dial on the steering wheel (it served to let you know your options feels), power closing front door, rear seat entertainment in the front seat headrests, rear power sunshade, cooled rear seats with power lumbar support, back Lighted makeup mirrors, forward-view cameras, heads-up display with turn-by-turn navigation and multi camera view. New to 2016, trim Equus Ultimate adds automatic opening rods with handsfree.

To compete at the top of the luxury sedan, need to be innovative and cutting edge active safety features, and the Equus offers any security items as standard equipment. Lane-departure warning on the Equus features warning do not only sound and visual, but offers haptic Warning the seat belt with the tug. Prevention of forward-collision with auto braking and active cruise control is also standard for both the trims. Automatic collision notification through the blue links telematics system adds a layer of final salvation.

2016 Hyundai Equus One thing to note about the Equus is not offered at any Hyundai dealer. If you are interested in purchasing one, the best place to start would be the Hyundai site than local dealers. Like Lexus long ago, Hyundai is making efforts to lower prices over the luxury market. 2016 Equus Signature will start at about $ 62,000. Ultimate will be priced around $ 69,000. People who can put aside preconceptions they may find that the Hyundai Equus sedan offers world class luxury and premium ownership experience at a discount.

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