2016 Opel Zafira Review, Spec, Release Date


2016 Opel Zafira The next generation of the Opel Meriva mini van model and Zafira will have the characteristics of crossover vehicles, to meet the needs of the European market are increasingly turning to this type of car. New Meriva and Zafira will be developed in cooperation with Peugeot Citroen (PSA), and will be available early 2016.

Opel Zafira 2016 looks ahead
“We want to continue producing vehicles that meet all the needs of a family, but also that this car to suit current trends and fashion in the European car market”, says Tozer team PR in today’s Motor Show in Paris.
Meanwhile, a source from the company’s Opel has confirmed that the Meriva and Zafira are emerging as a result of a partnership with PSA. Of the joint project will also benefit the Peugeot Citroen, because the company will offer customers the same CUV models under Citroen Peugeot brand label.

2016 Opel Zafira interior
Cooperation with the PSA agreed with the aim to reduce the cost of developing new models. General Motors (GM) and PSA announced that they will work together on new models beginning in 2013, and the Opel Zafira was the first in a series of joint projects.


2016 Opel Zafira: changes
Opel Zafira 2016 would be a completely new vehicle, while a version of the Zafira Tourer Racing will continue production several months after the end of the regular ex mini van production under this name. Redesigned the exterior will change the overall look. The new vehicle will be the hallmark of a bigger grille on the front end, as well as large air vents. At the rear, the impression will complete the design of light and body ne roofline. When it comes to the overall look of the new Opel Zafira 2016, it seems that it will be similar to the Opel Astra and the Peugeot 308.

2016 Opel Zafira: machines
Powertrain segment will consist of diesel and gasoline. When it comes to gasoline engines, the base model will be run by a 1.6-liter I4 gasoline engine, which characterize the maximum output torque 197 horsepower and 207 pounds. Both units available gasoline has a displacement of 1.8 litres. I4 engine is capable of producing up to 140 horsepower, as well as 130 pounds of torque. 2016 Opel Zafira Diesel power unit will be run by a 1.6 L CDTi. This machine is able to provide up to 120 hp, along with 240 lb-ft more power provides a 2.0 liter CDTi-190 hp and torque of 260 pounds. The basic version will have the engine paired to a manual shifter with six gears, while selection of an optional 6-speed automatic.

2016 Opel Zafira: price and release date
2016 Opel Zafira This price is still unknown, because that would be a new model. The release date for sale will not be before 2016.
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Image By Opel

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