2016 Tesla Design X Price, Release Date, Review

2016 Tesla Design X Price, Release Date, Review

2016 Tesla Design X new Model X is expected to hit the market soon, is a mid-size SUV vehicles using similar components as the Model S sedan. Because the Model S was quite successful and wanted the car, the company made the decision to start other vehicles with the same components, except that these components are now arriving in the design of more family-friendly crossover.

Manufacturers now offer us their version of crossover-styled sedan that will offer excellent performance and luxury just like brother. 2016 Tesla Design X The company has the intention to start producing the Model X in 2013, but they changed their mind because they want to sell more than 20,000 Model S vehicles before they start by producing a Model X. Production was delayed from 2014 to 2015, too, but there is a great possibility that the new model will eventually show up in showrooms by 2015.

The first and the most significant change when it comes to the upcoming model is a back door. Why the back door? Well, the new Model X 2016 Tesla sports style door wing gulls, which opens upward. The doors ensure a strong vehicle appearance, but they also appear to be useful for the rear passengers allowing them to get to and from your vehicle with ease. 2016 Tesla Design X We have mentioned that this vehicle has a very good SUV design, but we haven’t mentioned that vehicle arrived with a greater ground clearance, and of course with larger wheels. Taillights, headlights and contour the overall look similar to what we have seen in the sedan. The next model will be long and wide like the S Model before, but it will be a little higher.

Review of 2016 Tesla Model X
2016 Tesla Model X is the first crossover that would offer comfort for up to seven passengers in three rows with seating. The cabin is equipped with a digital gauge cluster, and quite a large 17-inch display which is very directions on the tablet and can be reconfigured to display data that you find most interesting. 2016 Tesla Design X It is also possible to use this look for surfing on the internet and the like. The seats are made of leather, while chrome and wood accents offers a feel of luxury. Simply put, you’ll get pure perfection when it comes to the cabin of the newcomers.

What to expect when it comes to the performance of the new 2016 Tesla Model X? Whether it is amazing or just average performance you will learn soon. Despite the fact that the new model is larger and has more body weight, it will offer an excellent performance. When comparing this version with the Model S we need to tell them that it will consume about 10 percent more energy due to weight and size.

Will come with two very powerful electric motor provided with electricity from the battery pack 85 KWH and 60 KWH. 2016 Tesla Model X will be able to accelerate from nought to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. Battery pack 60 would send electricity to a little less powerful electric unit that is capable of producing up to 300 hp and you will be able to travel for about 200 to 230 miles on one charge. With battery 85KWH, you will be able to travel up to 280 miles. It is very important to mention that the new model all-wheel-drive unlike the first concept version of the rear-wheel-drive only.

2016 Tesla Model X price
2016 Tesla Design X Price  for the new model has not been announced yet, but we assume the vehicle will be priced at the same level as is the case with the Model S sedan. 2016 Tesla Model X price should start from $ 71,000 and will go up to $ 96,000. New arrivals will hit the market in early 1999 and is currently available for preorder.
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