Audi rs6 Avant Reviews and Specifications

Audi rs6 Avant Reviews and Specifications

Audi rs6 Avant The main train station has returned, as Audi has revealed the third generation of its RS6 Avant. After the previous generation RS6 Avant’s egregious, with a twin-turbocharged V-10, the brand is now returned to the twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. Step back? Perhaps, as the output drops by 20 hp 560, but torque increased from 479 lb-ft to 516.
RS6 engine is a variation of the most powerful to date of the Volkswagen Group’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, which also motivates the S6 and S7 10Best winner (which is set to 420 hp), S8 (520 hp), and Bentley Continental GT (500 hp). It was forced to eat by two twin-scroll turbocharger, placed in the bank two cylinder with exhaust header. As siblings who are lower, the RS6 Avant is equipped with cylinder deactivation systems, which turn out to be four cylinders when cruising. Attached to this is a powerhouse eight-speed automatic ZF-sourced; Audi’s own seven-speed dual-clutch transmission could not handle the massive torque of the engine. The stop-start system is the inevitable default, so you will not be able to enjoy the roar of the engine at stoplights without turning off it.
The v-8 is as capable and powerful V-10 engine that didn’t lose by a lot of people, especially because the engine noise is somewhat muted. It’s just one of the ways in which the previous-gen RS6 never lived up to the first generation, become too comfortable and too fancy. The new RS6 aims to reclaim the raucous nature of the original.

Compared to its predecessor, the new RS6 Avant with 220 pounds lighter, which takes the pain from the loss of the marginal power. Audi rs6 Avant This has been achieved not only through a small machine, but also the body altogether lighter and the structure of the current A6, based RS6 Avant.

So it’s no wonder a new electric train is a much more efficient engine, with 24 mpg in the consumption cycle Europe optimistic, up to 17 mpg from its predecessor. And RS6 Avant also steps up good competition in this regard. It is much more fuel-efficient than the Cadillac CTS-V wagon; the outer edges of the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon, and only BMW M5 sedan.
In addition, Audi RS6 Avant put claims at the heart of the battle at Sprint to 62 mph, estimated 3.9 seconds. Audi rs6 Avant We have tested each of the RS6 wagon direct competitors; M5 takes 3.7 seconds to reach 62, CTS-V wagon doing the deed in the second 4.0, and E63 wagon took 3.8. We think Audi rather conservative estimate, especially given his task completed in S6 3.7 seconds. The speed is set in three stages. The standard configuration, the RS6 Avant calls stop at 155 mph, the dynamic package raises the figure 174 mph, while dynamic Plus get the chance to 190. It’s the same with the M5 and E63 AMG bests sedan and Cadillac. If we have a desire for the RS6 Avant, however, it would be an addition to the gearbox line-your-own, as available on the CTS-V and M5 the American market.

Audi rs6 Avant We have taken samples of Quattro all-wheel-drive system with locking differential and rear Center self sport differential in other Audi models and can attest to the competence of the high street and on the track. It is applied here on the platform with the Adaptive air suspension; conventional sport suspensions are springing up to offer as well. Dynamic steering with variable ratio is optional, and the flavor is obtained. RS6 Avant scroll wheels 20 or 21-inch and offer optional carbon ceramic brakes.

Audi rs6 Avant  looks the part, with a wider body and a different front and rear fascias. Audi rs6 Avant Trademark styling elements including RS aluminum mirror caps and large oval twin exhaust pipes. In addition, the emergence of can be significantly modified by Matte aluminium packages in carbon and appearance. This package includes oversized Quattro badge, which break down the bottom of the “single-frame” Grille. Carbon package appearance even reshaped front splitter and diffuser. Order the optional severe help system changes the look of the front air intake by adding two glossy black ball — housing the radar sensor for use in Auto adaptive cruise control — that we find somewhat RS6 ruins are visible. Inside, there are more brands of RS treatment with flat-bottom steering wheel, 8000-rpm tachometer, 200-mph speedometer and a lot of RS logo.
Sad news, though unexpected, was that RS6 Avant will not be offered in the u.s. but it gives a very good idea of what to expect from the upcoming RS7, which could be offered in American showrooms. And that will be the main hatchback.
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