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BMW e30 M3

BMW e30 M3 After all, all people need to feel safe, this is a basic human need and, as time went on and human evolution takes us further, “security needs” might change its meaning. Today we can speak about spiritual safety, financial security and so on, things that don’t even exist for some several hundred years ago.

Most of us have been looking for a way to make sure our financial security for the long term. One of the best investments over time have been gold. The annual rate at which gold increase in value is around 10% today. We found areas of interest better than gold, which have an average growth of 20%: classic car.

Combine a passion for cars with future investment is probably the match made in heaven for some of us.

BMW e30 M3 Our recommendations for today’s BMW 3 series E30. Experts say that within four or five years from now, the E30 versatility will be worth around € 17,000 or $ 20,000. Do some searching online, we found that you can buy E30 3 series today for prices starting from € 650. Of course, the models will definitely need investment and if you don’t feel to it, some of the better cars can be found for up to € 40,000. We will say that the condition of mint, good versatility will set you back about € 2500-€ 3, 500.

You definitely have to be careful though, when buying a car of this kind. First of all, make sure it is has a full service history. It should be long enough for the car’s age and after that it will help you sell it in turn, when the time comes.

This model has always been attractive to the young adult. That is why most cars you’ll find will certainly be modified in one way or another. Try to find one that has a bit of intervention undertaken on it, in a State as close to the original as possible.

The BMW brand know for reliability so that the car might be very fun to drive and handle as if it were the first day. If you can get your hands on the conversion, it’s better. They have high prices now, and things will be the same in future years. Also, being a convertible makes it easier to sell (because it’s more exotic).

BMW e30 M3 When buying a car check the sills and arches for signs of rust or repairs. In case the car has rust spots or signs of repair, fixing them might set you back another € 500 or even more.

BMW e30 M3  Another problem with the E30 was the fuel pump. It usually breaks down about 150,000 km and most of your car easily will have a lot on their odometer. If the fuel pump is broken, you will hear a humming sound coming from under the back seat when the engine is running. Fix one of them will set you back about € 400 at the BMW dealership or less if you decide to fix it.

You should also check the smoke out of the exhaust. If you have a bluish hue: it could mean that the oil seals in the engine died and that could cost € 600 to fix.

Keep all that in mind, if you manage to get your hands on pure E30 you might sell this for 4 times the value in a few years.
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