Ferrari 458 Spider Best Performance

Ferrari 458 Spider for four consecutive years Ferrari engines excel in two categories at the international award ‘Engine of the Year’ as the Best Performance Engine 4.0 Liter class above. The winner this time was the 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that is the heart pacemaker models 458 Italia and 458 Spider and more powerful version of the Ferrari 458 Speciale. The V8 engine has won two awards for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, and with V12 740-hp 6.3-liter naturally aspirated which complements the F12 Berlinetta won the same award in 2013

Thereby, the total reward collected by Ferrari to eight awards in the last four years. International jury consisting of journalists from 35 countries who are all praise technological sophistication, power, response levers, precision, performance and efficiency of a Ferrari V8 engine. “This is a fantastic result for all of the Ferrari 458 Spider, and reflects our commitment to constantly develop our machines,” said Vittorio Dini, who heads the affairs of a Ferrari engine in attendance to receive the award.
He said the 4.5-liter engine and a new 458 Speciale has the highest specific output ever achieved by a naturally aspirated engine for highway vehicles, with a ratio of 135 hp per liter – along with better efficiency and performance of the blade as sharp as expected clients. V8 Ferrari Ferrari 458 spider has reached the peak of its development on the 458 Speciale where the 4.5-liter engine is capable of boosted power to 605 hp at 9,000 rpm.

Ferrari 458 Spider Like the models of status ‘speciale’, Ferrari 458 Speciale ranks showcase technological innovation designed for owners who crave a true sports car and offers a taste of extreme driving.The vehicle is loaded with innovations including the implementation of a number of patents Ferrari world leader in engine technology, active aerodynamics and electronic controls. These characteristics, along with a well-balance control, allowing the vehicle to reach the highest performance level of any Ferrari V8. CDX

Image :by Ferrari

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