Ford Focus RS500 The Amazing


Ford Focus RS500  Please do not compare this model with the Focus that you buy from the showroom of Ford Focus RS500 better, even compared to the RS model that has been so good

You want proof? Let us measure the performance of the Focus RS500 Focus 2.0 AT with regular models that may be dreamy in your garage. Every now and then we see how the muscles regular Focus RS models

You See, the engine is already lame. Focus only standard 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, 2.5-liter RS500 5-cylinder turbocharged engine. Cool right?

Now see power. Standard Focus only able to achieve 145 hp, while 350hp RS500 penetrate. Wow, big difference over 201hp. This capability and even higher than 50hp Focus RS which only reaches 300hp with the same engine.

What about the Focus RS500 torque? Here, 460Nm. Let’s look at the standard Focus is only 185Nm. Even the Focus RS can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 5.9 seconds generates 440Nm of torque (lower 20nm).

The question is, what can you are feel from the big performance? Um, acceleration 0.3 seconds faster than the acceleration achieved by the usual RS models. Want to compare with the standard Focus? Do not … This model takes almost 10 seconds to reach the same speed.


Who Actually Ford Focus RS500

Well, the most hotly Focus models sold by Ford does not matter where.

Overall Focus RS RS500 is different from the usual models. With a matte black glaze body, the entire body of Focus RS500 has been fitted with aerodynamic body kit. Just look at the big wing behind, a wide mouth front bumper, side spoiler finned, and diffuser under the rear bumper. Even the tires were different diameters, i.e. 19-inch sport alloy wheels complete with.

Not only the exterior, as well Interiors RS500 racing full of nuances. The bench, steering wheel, transmission lever and pedals similar to a car that is ready to bolt in circuit.

Well, you are would not dream of making of Focus RS500 you are be like? It could be, but it might just be his style. Performance? We sure to equal heavy like renault clio v6 the fastest hatch back

Image :by Ford

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