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Ford Mondeo 2015

Ford Mondeo 2015 The Ford Mondeo has image problems. It is not that it is bad the car-we loved it when we drove the latest model for the first time last year. But that’s just a bit … Generic. And no one wants any more generic.
On the contrary, we want the Executive sedan cars such as the BMW 3 series. Or funky like Nissan Qashqai crossover. Ford Mondeo 2015 That is why the second now outsell the Ford Mondeo is simple in United Kingdom.

And that explains why Ford Mondeo upscale with its launch of Vignale’s new take.
Vignale takes its name from Italy or the bus maker Alfredo Vignale, who were responsible for creating stylish design, one for car built by Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati.
Mondeo Vignale were the first in the line of production of cars that will get the treatment next to S-Vignale-Max, due next year.

For around £ 4,500 more than the Mondeo Titanium, Vignale got a lot of extra skin. It is everywhere – on the dashboard, the armrests covers and most places you touch. Even the chairs have a 110% more skin than usual Mondeo leather seats. It’s leather premium Windsor, too, from the same factory as found in the Bentley Continental GT.

As the car, maintains that the four star rating. But Ford was so adamant that the Vignale is more than just a top-spec Mondeo-more lifestyle choices (horror), and for us, it’s not really work. Especially with prices starting from £ 29,045.


Companies need to go further if they wish to embrace the right to be top class. Ford Mondeo 2015 Interior needs to be more special. And services need to be more exclusive-we want longer residual value guarantee and more (early predictions do not look good). Free wash just does not cut it.

Save your money and, if you really want to, buy a Mondeo Titanium instead. If you ever find yourself longing for a posher skin and Brown metallic paint £ 4,500, thinking that you have saved.

Ford Mondeo 2015  denies that it targets the Audi A4 and BMW 3 series with the Mondeo Vignale her, but there’s no denying that both uncomfortable within reach for money. Lexus IS300h are actually a little cheaper than hybrids Mondeo, and obvious is the option that makes much more sense if you want to go that route. Skoda Superb since replaced and recently made the case more convincing as an affordable upscale car than the Mondeo Vignale. Volkswagen Passat is slightly upscale from the Mondeo, but stack well against Vignale.

Specifications: Ford Mondeo Vignale
The 2.0-litre diesel engine, the 2.0-litre petrol, hybrid
6-speed automatic gearbox, manual, 6-speed CVT
Power 180-240hp
128lb torque/ft-332lb/ft
0-60 mph 7.9 – 9.2 seconds
Speed of 116-149mph
38 MPG. 7 – 67.3
99-176g CO2/km
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Image : by Ford

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