Hyundai Santa Fe 2014


Hyundai Santa Fe 2014  is one product that has a design Hyundai stocky and looks very tough. If you have this car then you look very macho and have a young soul. The design makes the car solid car Hyundai Santa Fe is in great demand by fans of Hyundai products.

Car Prices Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 and Specifications

The advantages of this car are to have a very luxurious interior design. It is well-known Hyundai products with a luxurious cabin design. This car is also very suitable for travel that far because it would be fuel-efficient. The fuel used is diesel car.

Price specification cars Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

Hyundai Santa Fe car has engine specifications with R code 2,2CDRi. The capacity of this engine reaches 2200 cc. If you drive a car with then you can earn a maximum engine power reaches 198 ps at 3800 rpm when the engine is rotating.

The maximum torque of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 was 44.5 at the time the engine turns 2000 rpm. With a machine that has a good specification is then this car deserves to be one of the most powerful Hyundai products. The capacity of the tank car is also very large,


reaching 64 liters of diesel.

For transmission options Hyundai Santa Fe has only one type of transmission is a manual transmission. There is a 6 speed that you can use on this car. To-wheel drive system has also been using the FWD system that will make this car more powerful.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2014  Another advantage of this car lies in suspension using Mac Pherson Strut Front Shock Absorber Type and HPD that will make this car comfortable to use although through rugged terrain and hollow. In the existing braking system brake disc with holes to avoid excessive heat when the car is braking suddenly. The braking system is very safe and has had a very high standard.

Hyundai Santa Fe car prices in 2014 has two different variants. For the standard variant marketed at a price of 4610 dollars and another variant with better specs at a price tag of 6350 dollars. The price offered for the Hyundai Santa Fe is quite expensive but very comparable to the performance of the car that you will get

 Image :by Hyundai

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