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1996 Jeep Cherokee

1996 jeep cherokee The Grand Cherokee comes in two levels, Laredo and limited. Right hand drive format of these vehicles are produced in Austria by mutual agreement with the company Daimler-Puch and, despite appearing to be essentially the same as the previous models of the Cherokee, it’s very size and level of equipment. Grand Cherokee Laredo priced at $ 53,470 brought it just under the limit of taxation of luxury, and the top lever is limited at a price of $64,980. Features & equipment 1996 jeep cherokee Feature vehicles, Laredo, our test machine is a 6 cylinder overhead valve four liters of petrol, plus electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with on-demand four-wheel drive. Although ancient in design of OHV six-cylinder engine has been enhanced by beefing up the… Read More »