Tune up Injection System More Easy and Efficient


Tune up Injection System Who say injection machine very difficult to maintenance and, and now maintenance of system injection Very simple and more efficient cheap

Look at that, how many companies and workshop and now using booking service to featherbed customer, and the result without long time to wait during our service, on engineer or mechanic better


Ready during working process
Injection maintenance must following every 10000 km and this very easy and simple, this doing only clean up air filter and spark plug check that point following manual book

On this time machine is very to maintenance, only change air filter and oil routine, and practice

And nothing change and spark plug already to change to iridium and gasoline filter already includes tanking and pumping
Sprag plug iridium that only change after 10000 km and gasoline filter is life time but is depending to gasoline using


Partially still use old type spark plug, but try to replace after 20 000 km, and another maintenance routine cover with intelligent tester to know internal condition of machine


Injection system minimal of maintenance but if have except has complaint injector nothing maintenance and without cleaning specially
And now if have customer that fill, what system machine trouble or high vibration, and will be proceeds later depend of trouble machine
If injector very severe, injector still can to cleaning and using cost $ 100 but is depend of trouble , this usually after 100 Km

Better is after injector finish to clean, injector must be calibration , this to purpose between injector and injector spray really same and average, but if must be calibration may be need cost More than $100

Little different if maintenance throttle body (TB) we not recommended to cleaning throttle body use spray model , so throttle body must be take apart and manually cleaning using gasoline

But if Toyota machine still can spray and cleaningthe combustion chamber.

Tune up Injection System This tips to service and maintenance of your car we hope this helping

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