Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4

Volkswagen Tiguan is known as a manufacturer who does not like strange, even impressed understated. Globally, all products have a similar design style. Only with an added touch of corresponding segment.Same with the Volkswagen Tiguan Hiline type this. Luxury HID headlamps with chrome ornament and daytime running light (DRL) is the latest VW cirikhas. Even with the iconic grille that confirms its existence.

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan Stern design is simple with modern lamps profile back into the stern cirikhas VW Tiguan. Moreover, there is no pull thick lines or grooves aggressive style of Japanese cars. Even so, the minimalist look that is still able to make a lot of people admire him.Again, the design of the dashboard instantly remind you of the other VW products. Feels a bit flat, but still looks luxurious and functional. The layout is neat and easy to operate buttons.Although impressed by the compact, but it has a central cabin space is adequate and quite comfortable. Bench 60:40 dimaju it can be folded flat-backed and forward. Baggage quite accommodating, although not the best in its class

One more trademark VW is  runway laden advanced technology and efficient processing of fuel. As a compact unit 1390 cc 4-cylinder TSI with affixes superchargers, turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Their combination produces 148 hp power and 240 Nm of torque.

Synergy with the 6-speed DSG transmission, ferocious faces simple change. He was able to complete the 0-100 km / h in 10.41 seconds.  Wait a minute! That’s when the position of the gear lever in D and the active traction control. Move the lever to S and turn off the traction control. Time on direct sharpened to 9.68 seconds.
G force generated could bury the body into semi-bucket seats. Torque is supplied as endless. Acceleration middle Tiguan is also very strong. Volkswagen Tiguan 2014 The sensation created spurs you to continue fishing.

Because the new maximum torque is achieved at 1,500 rpm rotation, was able to walk leisurely Tiguan road density. Interestingly, technology equipped Tiguan Auto Start / Stop. Part of the concept Blue Motion, he shut off the engine when the car stops, such as at a red light or exposed to a standstill.

It takes time before you get used to the procedure Auto Start / Stop Tiguan.

Disturbing when the new engine off but the line has gone the way. Especially when I have to ‘fight’ pathway. The above procedure will cause you to frequently succumb. If needed, the Auto Start / Stop can be turned off.

As a result, fuel consumption in town Tiguan 10.5 km / l. pretty well; look Touran MPV that uses similar machines recorded only 9.5 km / l. As for tolls, Tiguan capable recorded 15.6 km / l In order to keep the rider confidence, control Tiguan entry in a satisfactory level. Steering wheel does not light up the tires disrupt communications. He relaxed only when asked to maneuver quickly. Tiguan is very entertaining for those who like to drive myself.
2014 Volkswagen Tiguan  Consequently, the Tiguan includes hard suspension kickback. It was clear when the car hit the hole. Becomes a problem when you are traveling away because it makes the body tired. Speaking of safety features, this German manufacturer does not want half-hearted. There are 6-airbags and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) brake assist ABS + EBD + BA. Auto Hold assists when stopped on a hill. Driver Alert System warns the driver if the pattern is not consistent driving, such as when sleepy.

Image :by Volkswagen

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