Has BMW Discontinued the M5?

Has bmw discontinued the m5 – In the realm of high-performance sedans, the BMW M5 stands as an icon. However, recent rumors have cast a shadow over its future. Has BMW pulled the plug on this legendary model? Let’s delve into the evidence and explore the potential implications.

M5 Model History and Overview

The BMW M5 is a high-performance variant of the BMW 5 Series executive car. It has been in production since 1984 and is now in its sixth generation. The M5 is powered by a powerful V8 or V10 engine and features a variety of performance-enhancing modifications, including upgraded suspension, brakes, and aerodynamics.The

M5 has been a popular choice for performance enthusiasts since its inception. It is known for its combination of luxury, comfort, and blistering performance. The latest generation of the M5 is the most powerful and technologically advanced yet. It is powered by a 4.4-liter

While BMW has discontinued the M5, BMW owners may still have questions about their vehicles. One common question is whether BMWs can take 89 gas. The answer to this question is a bit complicated, as it depends on the specific model and year of the BMW.

For more information on this topic, check out this article: Can BMWs Take 89 Gas? Returning to the topic of the M5, it’s worth noting that while production has ceased, the M5 remains a highly sought-after vehicle in the automotive market.

twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. The M5 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 190 mph.

The BMW M5 has been discontinued, but that doesn’t mean BMW has stopped making performance vehicles. In fact, BMW has a long history of producing high-performance cars and even trucks. Did you know that BMW once made a truck? Check out this article to learn more about BMW’s truck-making history.

Even though the M5 is gone, BMW is still committed to making exciting and powerful vehicles.

Key Features and Specifications

The M5 comes standard with a variety of performance-enhancing features, including:

  • 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine
  • 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds
  • Top speed of 190 mph
  • Upgraded suspension and brakes
  • Aerodynamic body kit
  • Luxurious interior with sport seats

Recent Updates and Discontinuation Rumors

BMW has not officially announced any plans to discontinue the M5. However, rumors and speculation about its discontinuation have been circulating for several years.

One potential reason for these rumors is the increasing popularity of SUVs and crossovers. In recent years, BMW has invested heavily in developing and marketing its SUV lineup, which has led to a decline in sales of its sedans. The M5, being a high-performance sedan, may be seen as less appealing to buyers who are looking for more practical and versatile vehicles.

Recent Announcements, Has bmw discontinued the m5

In 2022, BMW announced that it would be discontinuing production of the M5 Competition in the United States. This decision was made due to declining sales and the increasing popularity of the M5 CS. The M5 CS is a more track-focused version of the M5, and it is expected to be the last variant of the M5 to be produced.

BMW did discontinue the M5, but they didn’t make the Supra. Did BMW make the Supra ? No, that was Toyota. The M5 is back now, though, so you can still get your hands on a high-performance BMW sedan.

Evidence of Discontinuation: Has Bmw Discontinued The M5

The discontinuation of the M5 has not been officially confirmed by BMW. However, there is evidence that suggests the model may be nearing the end of its production cycle.

One piece of evidence is the declining sales figures of the M5. In 2022, BMW sold just 2,021 units of the M5 in the United States, down from 2,422 units in 2021. This decline in sales is likely due to the increasing popularity of SUVs and crossovers, which are seen as more practical and versatile than sedans.

The BMW M5 has been discontinued, but fear not, BMWs are still capable of handling snowy conditions. Can BMWs drive in snow ? The answer is a resounding yes. With their advanced all-wheel drive systems and winter-ready tires, BMWs can navigate snowy roads with confidence.

However, the discontinuation of the M5 is a reminder that even the most capable cars have their limits.

Official Statements from BMW

There have been no official statements from BMW regarding the discontinuation of the M5. However, in a recent interview, BMW M CEO Frank van Meel said that the company is “always looking at the future and what our customers want.”

BMW discontinued the M5 in 2023, but if you’re considering buying an older model, you may wonder if BMWs are expensive to maintain. Here’s what you need to know . Despite their reputation for performance, BMWs can be surprisingly affordable to maintain, especially if you choose a model with a smaller engine.

However, some models, like the M5, may require more frequent and expensive maintenance due to their high-performance components. It’s important to factor in these costs when considering purchasing a BMW, especially if you’re on a budget.

He also said that BMW is “committed to offering a wide range of performance vehicles, including sedans.” This suggests that BMW is not planning to discontinue the M5 anytime soon.

Alternative Models and Successors

Should the M5 be discontinued, BMW has several potential successor models or alternative vehicles that could fill the void. These vehicles offer a blend of performance, luxury, and practicality that aligns with the M5’s target market.

One potential successor is the BMW M8. The M8 is a high-performance coupe and convertible that offers blistering acceleration, sharp handling, and a luxurious interior. While the M8 is more expensive than the M5, it provides a similar level of performance and a more exclusive driving experience.


  • High-performance coupe and convertible with blistering acceleration and sharp handling
  • Luxurious interior with premium materials and advanced technology
  • More expensive than the M5 but offers a similar level of performance and a more exclusive driving experience

Another alternative to the M5 is the BMW M550i xDrive. The M550i is a high-performance sedan that offers a blend of power, handling, and practicality. While the M550i is not as powerful as the M5, it still provides impressive performance and a more affordable price point.

BMW M550i xDrive

  • High-performance sedan with a blend of power, handling, and practicality
  • Less powerful than the M5 but still provides impressive performance
  • More affordable than the M5, making it a more accessible option

Ultimately, the best alternative to the M5 will depend on the individual buyer’s needs and preferences. Those who prioritize performance and exclusivity may prefer the M8, while those seeking a more affordable and practical option may prefer the M550i xDrive.

Impact on BMW and the Automotive Industry

Has bmw discontinued the m5

The discontinuation of the M5, a legendary performance sedan, could have significant implications for BMW and the automotive industry.

BMW’s brand image is strongly associated with performance and driving dynamics, and the M5 has been a cornerstone of that image for decades. Its discontinuation could potentially erode BMW’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance vehicles and impact its sales of other M models.

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive performance sedan market, the M5 has been a benchmark for rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG E63 and Audi RS6. Its discontinuation could create an opportunity for these competitors to gain market share and challenge BMW’s dominance in the segment.

Automotive Industry

The discontinuation of the M5 could also have broader implications for the automotive industry. It could signal a shift away from traditional high-performance sedans towards other types of performance vehicles, such as SUVs and electric cars. This could impact the development and production of performance sedans by other manufacturers and affect the enthusiast community that values these vehicles.

Final Review

As the dust settles, the fate of the BMW M5 remains uncertain. While the evidence suggests a potential discontinuation, BMW has yet to make an official announcement. The automotive world eagerly awaits further developments, speculating on the future of this iconic performance machine.

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