Yamaha R6 HP: A Masterpiece of Supersport Performance

The Yamaha R6 HP, a legend in the supersport realm, is a motorcycle that demands attention. With its exceptional performance, cutting-edge technology, and striking design, the R6 HP is a machine that will leave an unforgettable mark on any rider.

From its race-inspired engine to its advanced electronic aids, the R6 HP is engineered to deliver an exhilarating riding experience. Its lightweight chassis and aerodynamic bodywork provide unmatched agility and stability, making it a formidable force on both the track and the open road.

Yamaha R6 HP Specifications

The Yamaha R6 HP is a high-performance variant of the Yamaha R6 supersport motorcycle. It features a number of upgrades over the standard R6, including a more powerful engine, upgraded suspension, and revised aerodynamics.

The R6 HP’s engine is a 599cc inline-four with a crossplane crankshaft. It produces 123 horsepower at 14,500 rpm and 65.7 lb-ft of torque at 10,500 rpm. This is a significant increase over the standard R6’s output of 118 horsepower and 52.3 lb-ft of torque.


The R6 HP’s chassis is also upgraded over the standard R6. It features a new aluminum frame with a revised geometry. The swingarm is also new, and it is made of forged aluminum. These changes result in a lighter and more rigid chassis that provides improved handling and stability.

Other Key Specifications

  • Curb weight:419 pounds
  • Fuel capacity:4.5 gallons
  • Seat height:32.7 inches
  • Wheelbase:54.3 inches
  • Front suspension:43mm KYB inverted forks with adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping
  • Rear suspension:KYB monoshock with adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping
  • Front brakes:Dual 320mm discs with four-piston calipers
  • Rear brake:Single 220mm disc with single-piston caliper

Yamaha R6 HP Performance

The Yamaha R6 HP is a high-performance motorcycle that delivers exhilarating acceleration, impressive top speed, and exceptional handling capabilities.The R6 HP boasts a potent 599cc inline-four engine that generates an impressive 118 horsepower and 42.8 pound-feet of torque. This combination provides a thrilling riding experience, with the bike accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and reaching a top speed of over 160 mph.

Acceleration and Top Speed

The R6 HP’s lightweight construction and powerful engine contribute to its remarkable acceleration. The bike’s advanced electronics, including a quick-shifter and launch control system, further enhance its performance by ensuring smooth and rapid gear changes.

Handling Capabilities

The R6 HP’s nimble handling is a result of its lightweight frame, adjustable suspension, and Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires. The bike’s responsive steering and precise cornering capabilities inspire confidence in riders, allowing them to push the limits on the track or winding roads.

Yamaha R6 HP Design

The Yamaha R6 HP boasts a distinctive design that sets it apart from its standard counterpart. Its aggressive bodywork is aerodynamically optimized to reduce drag and enhance stability at high speeds. The sharp lines and angular fairings give the bike a sleek and purposeful appearance.

The R6 HP features a striking blue and black color scheme with bold graphics that accentuate its sporty character. The graphics are designed to evoke a sense of speed and performance, further enhancing the bike’s visual appeal.


The R6 HP’s ergonomics are tailored to provide a comfortable and engaging riding experience. The clip-on handlebars are positioned slightly lower than the standard R6, offering a more aggressive riding posture. The footpegs are also rear-set, contributing to the bike’s sporty feel.

Despite its race-inspired design, the R6 HP offers surprising comfort for long rides. The seat is well-padded and provides adequate support, while the adjustable suspension allows riders to customize the bike’s handling to their preferences.


The R6 HP’s bodywork is meticulously designed to reduce drag and enhance stability. The front fairing incorporates large air intakes that channel air through the bike, cooling the engine and reducing aerodynamic resistance.

The tail section is equally important, featuring a sharp and compact design that minimizes turbulence. The result is a bike that slices through the air with ease, allowing riders to push the limits of performance without compromising stability.

Yamaha R6 HP Technology

Yamaha r6 hp

The Yamaha R6 HP boasts a range of advanced technological features that enhance its performance and handling capabilities.

Electronic Suspension

The R6 HP features an electronic suspension system that allows riders to adjust the bike’s suspension settings on the fly. This system uses sensors to monitor the bike’s movements and adjust the suspension accordingly, providing optimal damping and handling in various riding conditions.

Traction Control

The R6 HP also comes equipped with a traction control system that helps to prevent rear-wheel spin and loss of traction. This system monitors the bike’s speed, throttle position, and lean angle to determine the appropriate level of intervention, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Quick Shifter, Yamaha r6 hp

The R6 HP features a quick shifter that allows riders to upshift and downshift without using the clutch. This system reduces shift times and improves acceleration, making the bike more responsive and easier to ride.

Yamaha R6 HP Riding Experience

The Yamaha R6 HP offers a thrilling riding experience that caters to the needs of both experienced riders and track enthusiasts. Its aggressive riding position, coupled with its responsive handling and ample power, makes it an ideal choice for spirited riding on the race track or winding roads.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The R6 HP’s riding position is designed for performance, with a low, forward-leaning stance that optimizes weight distribution and aerodynamics. The adjustable clip-on handlebars and rearsets allow riders to tailor the ergonomics to their preferences, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride.

The bike’s compact dimensions and lightweight construction contribute to its agile handling and maneuverability.

Performance and Handling

The R6 HP’s 599cc inline-four engine delivers impressive power and torque, with a linear powerband that provides smooth and predictable acceleration throughout the rev range. The bike’s advanced suspension system, featuring fully adjustable KYB forks and a Monocross rear shock, provides exceptional handling and stability, allowing riders to push the limits with confidence.

The R6 HP’s precise steering and responsive brakes enhance the overall riding experience, making it a joy to ride on both the track and the street.

Versatility and Suitability

While the Yamaha R6 HP is primarily designed for track use, it can also be enjoyed on the street by experienced riders who appreciate its performance-oriented character. Its compact size and maneuverability make it suitable for navigating urban environments, while its comfortable ergonomics allow for longer rides without excessive fatigue.

However, riders should be aware of the bike’s aggressive riding position, which may not be suitable for extended periods of riding or for riders with physical limitations.

Yamaha R6 HP Customization

The Yamaha R6 HP is a highly customizable motorcycle that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of riders. Whether you’re looking to improve performance on the track or enhance the bike’s appearance for street use, there are a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories available.

One of the most popular modifications for the R6 HP is to install a full exhaust system. This can improve both power and sound, and there are a variety of options available from different manufacturers. Other popular modifications include installing a race-spec ECU, which can provide more precise control over the engine’s performance, and upgrading the suspension with aftermarket components.

Engine Performance

For riders looking to extract maximum performance from their R6 HP, there are a number of engine modifications that can be made. These include installing a high-performance camshaft, porting and polishing the cylinder head, and upgrading the intake and exhaust systems.

These modifications can significantly increase horsepower and torque, but they can also be expensive and require professional installation.

Track Use

For riders who plan on using their R6 HP on the track, there are a number of modifications that can be made to improve performance and safety. These include installing a race-spec ECU, upgrading the suspension with aftermarket components, and installing a quick-shifter.

These modifications can make the bike faster and more responsive on the track, but they can also be expensive and require professional installation.

Street Use

For riders who primarily use their R6 HP on the street, there are a number of modifications that can be made to enhance the bike’s appearance and comfort. These include installing aftermarket fairings, wheels, and exhaust systems. These modifications can make the bike more visually appealing and comfortable to ride, but they can also be expensive and require professional installation.

Yamaha R6 HP Comparisons

The Yamaha R6 HP competes with other high-performance supersport motorcycles in its segment. To better understand its position, let’s compare it with its key rivals in terms of performance, features, and pricing.


The R6 HP’s 599cc inline-four engine produces 123.7 horsepower and 49.4 lb-ft of torque. This places it on par with the Kawasaki ZX-6R and Triumph Daytona 675R, but slightly behind the Honda CBR600RR and Ducati Panigale V2.


The R6 HP comes standard with a comprehensive suite of features, including Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and a quickshifter. The ZX-6R and Daytona 675R offer similar features, while the CBR600RR and Panigale V2 have some additional electronic aids.


The Yamaha R6 HP has a starting price of $13,499. This is comparable to the ZX-6R and Daytona 675R, but slightly higher than the CBR600RR and Panigale V2.

Feature Yamaha R6 HP Kawasaki ZX-6R Triumph Daytona 675R Honda CBR600RR Ducati Panigale V2
Engine Size 599cc 636cc 675cc 599cc 955cc
Horsepower 123.7 128.2 128 119.9 155
Torque 49.4 lb-ft 50.1 lb-ft 50.7 lb-ft 47.5 lb-ft 75.7 lb-ft
Öhlins Suspension Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Brembo Brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quickshifter Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Starting Price $13,499 $12,999 $13,195 $12,799 $15,995

Yamaha R6 HP Reviews

The Yamaha R6 HP has garnered considerable attention from motorcycle enthusiasts and reviewers alike. To provide a comprehensive overview, this section summarizes reviews from reputable motorcycle publications and user forums, offering a balanced perspective on the bike’s strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Reviews

Motorcycle magazines and websites have extensively tested and reviewed the Yamaha R6 HP. Many praise its exceptional handling, powerful engine, and aggressive styling. Reviewers note that the bike’s lightweight chassis and advanced suspension system contribute to its agility and responsiveness on the track.

Additionally, the potent inline-four engine is commended for its smooth power delivery and impressive acceleration.

User Forum Feedback

In user forums, R6 HP owners share their experiences and opinions about the bike. While most are enthusiastic about its performance and handling, some express concerns regarding its comfort and practicality for everyday riding. Users appreciate the bike’s track-focused capabilities but acknowledge that it may not be the most suitable option for extended commutes or long-distance journeys.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Exceptional handling and agility
  • Powerful and responsive engine
  • Aggressive and aerodynamic styling
  • Advanced suspension and braking system


  • Limited comfort for extended riding
  • Not suitable for all riding conditions
  • Potentially high maintenance costs

Ultimate Conclusion: Yamaha R6 Hp

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a passionate street rider, the Yamaha R6 HP is a motorcycle that will ignite your soul. Its combination of power, precision, and style make it a true masterpiece of supersport engineering.

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