2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Review Specifications


2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid takes a basic four-door Civic and giving a 45-mpg capability, through the powertrain team of gas and electricity.
The Civic Hybrid power train consists of four 1.3-litre IMA hybrid system mated with. The machine by itself produces 93 horsepower, assisted by an electric motor 20 hp. This system actually has five modes which allow electric and gas engines work together in a variety of ways, including allowing the Civic Hybrid to run on electricity alone. The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid gets 40/45 mpg, compared with larger Toyota Prius mileage city high 48/45 mpg.

It takes a trained eye to tell of the hybrid apart from the other citizenship. Minor cosmetic changes including hybrid small spoiler, clear lens turn signals, and blue lighting for the interior, as well as a rich blue vinyl interior and wonderful blue pinch CAP, different wheels, and turn indicators built into the side of a mirror Dr. housing. 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid The sedan form along with a gas-powered four-door, and it made some compromise style. The front seats are comfortable, but standing dash before they have an unusual level of style that makes you feel like you’re driving a video game. Hybrid, a futuristic look somewhat deserved. However, the design leaves ample space on top of the dash, and in the back, the back door with the small pieces to make it more difficult for back seat passengers to get in and out of the hybrid. There’s not a lot of headroom in the back, either.


2008 Honda Civic Hybrid handle differently than the sedan, electric power steering, skinny Tires, and continuously variable transmission (CVT). As with most hybrids, there is a learning curve for the Civic, as in getting used to the feel of the steering wheel, the limit of cornering numbed lower and drone gas Engine (CVT making machine operating near peak efficiency). The ride is a little busy, too.

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Power locks and windows are standard, as well as tilt telescope steering wheel, remote keyless entry, steering wheel audio controls, a 160-watt audio system with auxiliary jack for MP3 player, automatic climate control, and 15-inch wheels and tires. There is no folding rear seat, because the battery pack life between the back seat and trunk. Options include a navigation system and satellite radio. Civic each got double airbags, side airbags and side, anti-lock brakes and. The Insurance Institute for highway safety RATES the 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid as “good.”
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Image : By Honda

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