2010 Jeep Compass Review Specifications


2010 jeep Compass

2010 jeep Compass when it is first introduced as2007 model, not just the compass adds new entry level price point, Jeep brand, but also bucked the trend, becoming the marque‘s first Car-based offerings, avoiding solid axle and frame separately, to fully in dependent suspension and uni body construction.
Built from the same GS architecture as the DodgeCaliber, it’s no surprise, behaves like a small, drive carson the road. The steering is pretty toned and just right,with a little understeer, while damping and roll wellcontrolled. Claims of the Jeep Compass is designed primarily for “urban adventures“, as a result, it is the only vehicle in the lineup are not popular trail.
The NEW 2.0 L 4 CYLINDER, but only for ON-ROAD MAKERS
2010 jeep Compass is a “world” 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, rated at 158-hp and a torque of magnitude 141 gas cylinders. Coupled with the standard five-speed manual gearbox, is designed to provide about 23/29 mpg (city/highway). However, the 2.4-liter engine is larger (which gives an almost comparable mileage 23/28 mpg) is still offered, continuously variable transmission (CVT) system and active AWD with locking Center coupling.
Considering that this little car/truckster not conceivedwith a serious fourwheeling in mind, one wonders if itcan really hold his own, when the asphalt disappears and the weather gets rough.
Put the CVT at low, we hit the trail in our limited. Press the button and the system AWD lock clutch Center.With 172 horsepower and 165 torque measuring gas cylinders from the 2.4-liter engine, a small Jeep reallyis not good enough. Give it a little throttle and off you go.
We found that as long as you‘ve got a littlemomentum, for the most part not only Compass.Snow and ice, you should feel the vehicle start to drift off or slide a little, feather the throttle and AWD systems do just that. 2010 jeep Compass with locking front and rear, aided by the traction control, you‘re offered consistent rpm and rotating action for both sets of tires. So when you come to a hill that slick,covered in snow and mud, with some deep ruts, usethrottle and steer. With both sets of wheels turning, compass will do their best to find a surface that offers the most amount of grip, but again the key is to keepa decent amount of throttle. Don’t 2010 jeep compass and the Jeep will be stuck. In our case, reserve somedistance down the Hill and try again, make us. On the other hand, compass brakes offer help was welcomed, although the CVT transmission allows the engine to brake enough on its own, that if you are really careful, you hardly need to press a pedal at all.
If you go too fast when you crest the hillsomething more than 20 mphthen when you hit the ABS kicks in the anchors, rather aggressive and Jeep will slide downthe other side. But even on the descent, you can easily use the rudder to control these small SUVS off-roadand stay clear of serious obstacles. Two of the biggest problem is the tires, (which consists of serious asphalt) and ground clearance — especially the lower fascia guests, who often take a load of debris downhill.
2010 jeep Compass limited that we tested, with 2.4 L engine and CVT AWD system, stickered at $ 26,865 (base MSRP on the sport 2WD is $ 19,350). But the extra cost to add a set of useful tools for this bias ise specially small truckster urban, so when it comes time to hit the road, compass, much better equipped to handle the rough than some rival segments, particularly the Honda CRV and Nissan‘s future.
Image : By Jeep
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