2010 Jeep Compass Review Specifications

2010 jeep compass mpg


2010jeepCompasswhen it is firstintroduced as2007model,not justthe compassaddsnewentrylevel pricepoint, Jeep brand, but alsobuckedthe trend, becoming themarque‘s firstCar-basedofferings, avoidingsolidaxleand frameseparately, to fully in dependentsuspension anduni bodyconstruction.
Built fromthe sameGSarchitectureas theDodgeCaliber,it’s no surprise,behaves likea small,drivecarson the road.The steeringis prettytoned andjust right,with a littleundersteer, whiledampingandrollwellcontrolled.Claims of theJeepCompassis designed primarilyfor“urbanadventures“,as a result,it is the onlyvehicle in thelineuparenot populartrail.
The NEW 2.0 L 4 CYLINDER, but only for ON-ROAD MAKERS
2010jeepCompassis a “world”2.0literfour-cylinder engine,ratedat158-hp andatorque ofmagnitude 141gas cylinders.Coupledwith the standardfive-speedmanualgearbox,is designed to provideabout 23/29mpg(city/highway).However, the2.4-liter engineis larger(which givesan almostcomparable mileage23/28mpg) is stilloffered,continuously variabletransmission (CVT)system andactiveAWD with lockingCentercoupling.
Considering that thislittlecar/trucksternot conceivedwith aseriousfourwheelingin mind,one wondersifitcanreally holdhis own, whenthe asphaltdisappears andtheweathergetsrough.
Put theCVTat low,wehit thetrailinourlimited.Press the buttonand the systemAWDlockclutchCenter.With172horsepowerand165torquemeasuringgas cylindersfrom the2.4-liter engine,a smallJeepreallyis not good enough.Give it alittlethrottleandoff you go.
We found thatas long as you‘ve got a littlemomentum,for the most partnot onlyCompass.Snow and ice,you should feelthe vehiclestart todrift offor slidea little, featherthe throttleandAWD systemsdo just that.2010jeepCompasswithlocking front and rear, aided by thetraction control, you‘re offeredconsistentrpm androtatingactionforboth sets oftires.So whenyou come toa hillthatslick,coveredin snowand mud, with somedeepruts,usethrottleandsteer.Withboth sets ofwheels turning, compasswill do theirbest to finda surface thatoffers the mostamount ofgrip,but againthe key isto keepa decent amount ofthrottle.Don’t2010jeepcompass andthe Jeepwillbestuck.In our case, reserve somedistancedown the Hilland tryagain,makeus.On the other hand, compassbrakesoffer helpwas welcomed, although theCVTtransmissionallowsthe engineto brakeenoughon its own,that ifyou are reallycareful, youhardlyneed to pressa pedalat all.
If you gotoo fastwhen youcrestthe hillsomething morethan20mphthen whenyou hit theABSkicksin theanchors,ratheraggressive andJeepwillslide downthe other side.But evenon the descent, youcan easily usethe rudderto controlthese smallSUVSoff-roadand stay clearof seriousobstacles.Two ofthe biggest problem isthe tires, (whichconsists ofseriousasphalt) andground clearance— especiallythelowerfascia guests,whooften takea load ofdebrisdownhill.
2010 jeep Compass limited that we tested, with 2.4 L engine and CVT AWD system, stickered at $ 26,865 (base MSRP on the sport 2WD is $ 19,350).But the extra costto adda set ofuseful tools forthisbias ise speciallysmalltrucksterurban,sowhen it comes time to hit the road, compass, much betterequippedto handle theroughthan somerivalsegments, particularly theHonda CRVand Nissan‘s future.
Image : By Jeep