2014 Jeep Compass 4X4


2014 Jeep Compass SUV lovers realize not everyone in the world wants a 4 × 4 car big dimension and berpeforma very powerful. For that dibuatlahJeep Compass fairly compact size when compared to the Grand Cherokee. But it still has the Jeep Compass SUVs American identity remains strong as does the Jeep Patriot. Sold for $ 18.595 off-the-road, the car’s 2400 cc engine

Although the design is made more delicate line, yet still characterizes the Jeep Compass SUV a true American. See, mengkotak and muscular body on the exterior, confirms the strength and character of the car off-road capable.

2014 Jeep Compass Side
2014 Jeep Compass Side

While the aura of a modern and dynamic exterior Jeep Compass is to adjust to the current conditions of earthly life. In short, let’s invited to the mall, play mud who fear !.

Like the other Jeep, the 2014 Jeep Compass has a distinctive grille model of water-falls (waterfall) which is the central feature, and combined with the house lights mengkotak models. At the rear, clear lines clearly visible but without reducing the aerodynamic factors. Compass sporty scent with a more viscous embedding large wheels measuring 18 inches

Go into the cabin, the 2014 Jeep Compass promises a 5-passenger in it remains roomy and comfortable. Once seated, the impression of a typical car stiff as Uncle Sam was immediate. But Jeep wrap with a pretty ergonomic design, instrument panels and modern cutting-edge features at this time. 3-spoke steering wheel has a classic imbued various functions such as audio controls, cruise control until the telephone connection.


To get a proper driving position, the chair can be adjusted electrically. If freezing, Jeep has installed heated seats for the driver and front passenger. Moreover, all of the instrument panel is easy to operate and clearly legible. For those who want to enjoy the coolness of the morning air, or the beauty of the stars at night, open the sunroof in the roof ceiling Compass operated by one touch.

Honestly, we did not get to bring this American adventurer frolic in mud or rocky terrain, but the 2014 jeep compass showed his class as a premium SUV. Diperhatiin and ogled other road users, be the editor menu when carrying it around. Here clearly visible, a big name in the Jeep community is very impressive and have the prestige and the prestige of its own.

2014 Jeep Compass  Interior
2014 Jeep Compass Interior

Its dimensions are not too large and the steering accommodating, very helpful when I had to change lanes, even fairly agile for size SUV. Kekedapan cabin also laudable that coupled with features that bridge entertaintment Uconnect media tech mobile phones, radios, MP3 players and other gadgets.

Carrying 2,400 cc engine that produces power up to 172 hp with 224 Nm of torque, performance Compass is enough to run fast on the highway. Acceleration was fierce in the lower and middle rounds. Strength is also channeled perfect thanks to the use of a CVT transmission.

2014 jeep compass Although not feel the off-road track, but the completeness of its features, confirmed the 2014 Jeep Compass is a powerful fighter. Its completeness visible from technology full-time 4WD with an automatic locker, off-road mode, along with Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Brake Traction Control.


In addition, there are also features of the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) on the Jeep Compass is designed to help the driver control the direction of the car and maintain stability. ABS brakes equipped with hydraulic brake assist, which is active at all speeds and Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) for controlling the movement of the car.

Image :by Jeep

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