Does Ford Charge for Remote Start? Here’s the Answer

Does Ford charge for remote start? It’s a common question among Ford owners and those considering purchasing a Ford vehicle. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Ford’s remote start subscription plans, activation process, limitations, and alternative solutions to help you make an informed decision.

Ford offers remote start as a subscription service, with different plans available depending on your needs and vehicle model. Let’s explore the options and costs associated with each plan.

Ford Remote Start Subscription

Does ford charge for remote start

Ford offers a range of subscription plans for its remote start feature, providing various features and benefits to enhance convenience and security. These plans cater to different needs and preferences, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their requirements.

Subscription Plans

Ford’s remote start subscription plans include:

  • -*Remote Start Basic

    Many Ford models offer remote start, but some require a subscription fee. If you’re curious about other Ford models, like the Cortina, you might wonder, does the Ford Cortina rust ? Well, the Cortina is known for its susceptibility to rust, so if you’re considering one, be sure to factor in the cost of rust prevention.

    Getting back to remote start, it’s worth considering the long-term cost before subscribing.

    This plan offers basic remote start functionality, allowing users to start their vehicle remotely using the FordPass app or key fob.

  • -*Remote Start Elite

    Does Ford charge for remote start? It depends on the model and year of your vehicle. If you’re curious about trading in your current car for a newer Ford model, you may be wondering does ford accept trade ins . The answer is yes, Ford does accept trade-ins.

    Trading in your old car can be a great way to save money on your new Ford. But remember, the cost of remote start may vary depending on your specific vehicle.

    In addition to the features of the Basic plan, Remote Start Elite includes remote lock/unlock, remote trunk release, and vehicle status checks.

  • -*Remote Start Ultimate

    The most comprehensive plan, Remote Start Ultimate, offers all the features of the Elite plan, plus remote start scheduling, geofencing, and speed alerts.

Cost and Discounts

The cost of each subscription plan varies depending on the features included. The Basic plan starts at around $5 per month or $50 per year, while the Elite plan costs around $10 per month or $100 per year. The Ultimate plan is priced at $15 per month or $150 per year.Ford

offers discounts on subscription plans for customers who purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. Additionally, some insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums for vehicles equipped with remote start systems.

Ford Remote Start Activation

Does ford charge for remote start

Ford’s Remote Start feature allows you to start your vehicle’s engine from a distance using the FordPass app or the key fob. Activating this feature is a simple process that requires a few straightforward steps.

To activate Remote Start, you will need to have an active FordPass account and a compatible Ford vehicle. Once you have both, follow these steps:

Using the FordPass App

  1. Open the FordPass app on your smartphone and sign in to your account.
  2. Select your vehicle from the list of connected vehicles.
  3. Tap on the “Remote Start” button. You may be prompted to enter your PIN.
  4. The app will initiate the Remote Start process, and your vehicle’s engine should start within a few seconds.

Using the Key Fob

  1. Press and hold the “Lock” button on your key fob for about 5 seconds.
  2. The vehicle’s lights will flash, and the horn will honk once to indicate that Remote Start has been activated.
  3. Your vehicle’s engine should start within a few seconds.


If you encounter any issues while activating Remote Start, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that your vehicle is compatible with Remote Start.
  • Make sure that your FordPass account is active and linked to your vehicle.
  • Verify that you have a strong cellular signal if using the FordPass app.
  • Check the battery level of your key fob.
  • Try resetting the Remote Start system by pressing and holding the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons on your key fob simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Ford Remote Start Limitations: Does Ford Charge For Remote Start

Ford’s remote start system, while convenient, does have certain limitations that users should be aware of.

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Range Limitations:Remote start has a limited range, typically around 100-300 feet. This means that the user must be within this range to successfully start their vehicle remotely.

If you’re wondering whether Ford charges for remote start, the answer is yes, but only if you don’t have FordPass Connect. Speaking of Ford services, did you know that Ford Assist covers flat tyres ? That’s right, if you have a flat tyre, Ford Assist will come to your rescue and change it for you.

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Weather Conditions

Remote start may not function properly in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, or ice. These conditions can interfere with the signal between the key fob and the vehicle, preventing remote start from working.

If you’re curious about whether Ford charges for remote start, you’re not alone. But before we delve into that, let’s shift gears for a moment and explore another burning question: does the Ford Bronco top come off? It’s a popular query among off-road enthusiasts.

To satisfy your curiosity, check out this informative article that provides all the details you need: does ford bronco top come off . Now, let’s circle back to the original topic. Does Ford charge for remote start? The answer is a bit more nuanced, so let’s dig into the specifics.

Vehicle Status, Does ford charge for remote start

The vehicle must be in a certain status for remote start to work. The vehicle must be in park, the parking brake must be engaged, and the hood must be closed. If any of these conditions are not met, remote start will not function.

Safety Features

For safety reasons, remote start may not work if the vehicle detects an open door or window. Additionally, remote start will automatically shut off if the vehicle is moved while running.

Compatibility Issues

Remote start may not be compatible with all Ford models or trim levels. It is important to check with the dealership or refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm compatibility before purchasing a remote start system.

Ford Remote Start Alternatives

Subscription vs. Aftermarket Solutions

Consider the pros and cons of aftermarket remote start systems and smartphone apps compared to Ford’s subscription service.

  • Cost:Aftermarket solutions generally cost less than a subscription, but installation fees may apply.
  • Features:Ford’s subscription offers remote start, while aftermarket systems may include additional features like keyless entry and GPS tracking.
  • Ease of Use:Ford’s subscription is integrated into the vehicle, while aftermarket solutions require installation and setup.

Compatibility and Installation

Aftermarket remote start systems require compatibility with your vehicle make and model. Installation can be DIY or professional, with varying costs. Smartphone apps may have compatibility limitations based on the vehicle’s year and features.

Last Point

Does ford charge for remote start

In conclusion, Ford’s remote start subscription offers convenience and peace of mind, but it comes at a cost. If you’re looking for a more affordable or customizable solution, aftermarket remote start systems or smartphone apps are viable alternatives. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

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